'09 Ford Focus RS
Debut Series HW Premiere / All Stars
Produced 2010 - Present
Designer Phil Riehlman
Number R7548


The Ford Focus RS (Rallye Sport) is a high-performance compact car built by Ford Germany in the Saarlouis Plant. This model exhibited the new Ford Kinetic Design philosophy developed by Ford Europe, which included a large lower grille with a trapezoidal shape, stretched-back headlights and more sheet metal creases. Power delivery was through a 300 hp, 2.5 -liter 5-cylinder supercharged and intercooled engine. Initial production volume was 7,000, later increased to 11,000 cars.


The '09 Ford Focus RS has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
2010 Global All Stars New Models Metalflake Light Green White "RS" on rear fenders, detailing Black / Plastic Tinted (Black) Black 10SP R7548 Malaysia Base Code: C25(GER), C26 DSC08345
2011 Holiday Hot Rods Metalflake Light Blue HW flag w/winter rally 2011 graphic #11 & stars on roof Black / Plastic Tinted (Black) Orange 10SPWT Malaysia Variation w/ gold chrome
Base Code: D29 (GER)
'09 Ford Focus RS-Blue1
2012 All Stars
Bright Red White "RS" on rear fenders, detailing Dark Grey / Plastic, Large stamped HW Logo Tinted (Black) Black 10SP V5432 Malaysia No tampos on bonet,roof top. No paint job on spoiler.
Base code(s): E32
2012-'09 Ford Focus RS-RED
129 2012 All Stars 9/10 Spectraflame Dark Red White "RS" on rear fenders, detailing Dark Grey / Plastic, Small stamped HW Logo Tinted (Black) Black RLRR8SP V5382 Malaysia Tampos on bonnet,roof top.Matt / Flat Black painted spoiler. Super Treasure Hunt
Base code(s): E21
2012-'09 Ford Focus RS-Super
5pk 2014 Stunt Circuit White HWTF tampos Black / Plastic Orange Red Red 10SP BFB31 Thailand Base code(s): '90 Ford Focus 2014 24
2017 Forza Motorsport 1/6 White Ford, Forza Motorsport, HW, & XBOX logo on sides & hood, Black stripes on top Black / Plastic Clear Grey White 10SP DWF31 Malaysia Base code(s): K17, K21 ForzaFocus
5/6 2019 Backroad Rally Burnt Metallic Orange Black/gold, "RS", "Biltstein", Ford Oval, #4 Black / Plastic Clear Black White / Yellow PR5 FYY02 Thailand Wal-Mart Exclusive
Base Code(s): L45, L47, L50
09 Ford Focus RS. Rearvue


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