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'32 Duesenberg SJ
Debut Series Classic Bodies 2-Car Set
Produced 2003 - 2004
Designer Unknown
Number 57267
3 1932JS Duesenberg Classic Bodies.JPG


The '32 Duesenberg SJ is a Hot Wheels casting which debuted in the collector-aimed (100% Hot Wheels) in the Classic Bodies 2-Car Set in 2003.

The real-life car, the 'Gurney Nutting Speedster' (Chassis 2614 J-585), was designed especially for the Maharajah of Indore, Yashwant Rao Holkar II. It was fitted with a supercharged straight-eight engine reputed to be capable of hitting 140mp/h. The 'speedster' body was crafted in London by coachbuilders 'Gurney Nutting Co.' and features long swooping lines, boat-tail rear, rumble seat and blue & red colored lights to show whether the Maharajah or Mahranee was driving among many other features. Due to the threat of war, the Maharajah took delivery of the car at his Santa Ana mansion in California where he enjoyed the car for some time before having it sent back to India after tensions had settled. The car remained in India until its rediscovery in 1959 where it was sold and sent back to the USA and still resides today in the hands of the William Lyon private collection.

The Hot Wheels version features a removable hood which reveals the engine compartment. It was only used three times before it was discontinued.


The '32 Duesenberg SJ has come out in the following 1:64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
2003 Classic Bodies 2-Car Set Black & Orange Red Pinstripe Black / Metal Clear Orange WW 57267 China 3 1932JS Duesenberg Classic Bodies.JPG
4/4 2004 Showcase Hot Wheels    Designer Series Orange & Brown Silver Trim Black / Metal Clear Tan WW B6258 China 15,000 Produced 1er - copia.JPG
4/4 2004 Showcase Hot Wheels Designer Series (Hobby) Black & Yellow None Black / Metal Clear Tan WW C6770 China 7000 Produced 12er.JPG



  • Despite being named the '32 Duesenberg SJ, the real car was actually built in 1935.
  • The Duesenberg SJ 'Gurney Nutting Speedster' has the highest chassis number which means it could be the last Duesenberg Model J ever produced.