'38 Phantom Corsair
Debut Series First Editions
Produced 1999 - 2003
Designer Mark Jones
Number 18534
38 Phantom Corsair Blk.JPG


The Phantom Corsair is a concept car from 1938 that was designed by Rust Heinz of the Heinz 57 Ketchup fame, and Maurice Schwartz from Bohman & Schwartz Coachbuilding Company,Pasadena, California.The resulting design was amazing, aerodynamic and certainly bred from unconventional thinking. The chassis was from a Cord 810 and large enough to seat six individuals. To propel this rather large vehicle, a Lycoming V8 engine was fitted that displaced 289 cubic-inches and provided 190 horsepower allowing the Phantom to reach 115 miles per hour.

This was meant as a production vehicle. Heinz had hoped to sell these for $12,500, which was a very large fortune to most individuals at the time. Unfortunately, Heinz passed away in 1938 and the plans for production died with him. Only one example was ever produced.

This vehicle has played a starring role in the Doris Day and Frank Sinatra's motion picture 'The Young at Heart' (1955).[1]


The '38 Phantom Corsair has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
656 1999 First Editions
Black Silver HW logo on right side Unpainted / Metal Clear Grey White Line 5SP 18534 Malaysia 38 Phantom Corsair Blk.JPG
656 1999 First Editions
Metalflake Blue White "Hot Wheels" logo on door Unpainted / Metal Clear Black Whiteline 5SP 18534 Malaysia 38 Phantom Corsair Blu.JPG
1999 FAO Classic Collection Metallic Purple Unpainted metal Clear Black RR 23323 Malaysia 38 Phantom corsair purple metallic MAL base real riders.JPG
099 2000 Mainline Metalflake Burgundy White "Hot Wheels" logo on door Unpainted / Metal Clear White Whiteline 5SP 27066 Malaysia Image Not Available.jpg
099 2000 Mainline Metalflake Burgundy Gold HW logo on back. Unpainted / Metal Clear White LW 27066 Malaysia 38 Phantom Corsair Red.JPG
205 2001 Mainline Metalflake Brown Black, Silver and Gold tampo. "Hot Wheels" logo on back right wheel cover Unpainted / Metal Clear Gray Whiteline 5SP 53734 China 38 Phantom Corsair 2001.jpg
235 2002 Mainline HW Side Show 5-Pack Metalflake Green Black, Yellow, Red, White and Orange tampos, Flames and HW Sideshow logo on sides, 'Flame Breathin' Betty Alive' on hood Unpainted / Metal Tinted Yellow interior Gold 5DOT 54446 Thailand Phantom corsair Hot WHeels Sideshow Thailand base .JPG
2002 Halloween Highway Black Ride Of The Driving Dead Unpainted / Metal Purple tinted 5DOT 54320 Malaysia PhantomC02RPro.jpg
082 2003 Boulevard Buccaneers
Metalflake Black Blue silver and white pirate tampo on side. Skull and Crossbones on hood Unpainted / Metal Clear Blue SB 57219 Malaysia 38 phantom corsair black metallic 3sp mal base.JPG
2003 Roll Patrol
Metalflake Light Blue Police, "Hot Wheels" logo, roll patrol symbol, squad 13, 4.arv.03 on back wheel cover Unpainted / Metal Light Blue tint Black 5DOT China IMG 6854.jpg


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