'56 Merc
Debut Series Ultra Hots
Produced 2007 - Present
Designer  ?
Number L0086
Mercury 56 UH

The '56 Merc, based on the actual production model, has an opening hood to reveal its engine.


The '56 Merc has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base / Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
2007 Ultra Hots
Pearl Dark Yellow and White Unpainted / Metal White WWRR L0086 Malaysia Mercury 56 UH
2007 Ultra Hots
Metalflake Teal and White Unpainted / Metal Clear White WWRR M3647 Malaysia 56 mercury
2009 10-Pack Exclusive Black with Silver trim White and Blue tampos on sides and hood Unpainted / Metal Blue tint White 5SP 54886 Malaysia 56 Merc 10 Pack
2009 10-Pack Exclusive Metalflake Copper with Silver trim Brown and Beige tampos on sides and Gold and White tampos on hood Unpainted / Metal Yellow Tint Gold 5SP 54886 Malaysia DSC00039
163 2010 Hot Auctions
Lime Green & Dark Green Flames on Sides Chrome / Plastic Light Gray Tint Dark Green 5SP R7588 Malaysia Date Code(s): C03, B52 '56 Merc Hot Auction - 4709cf
163 2010 Hot Auctions
Metalflake light purple / Metallic purple Solid purple roof tampo. Silver flames on side Chrome / Plastic Clear Purple 5SP  R7588 Malaysia Date Code(s): C15. also came in a 2011 10-pack. 56Merc auction Purple
163 2010 Hot Auctions
Orange / White Orange flames on side Chrome / Plastic Clear White 5SP  R7588 Malaysia Kmart exclusive color 11/6/2010 Date Code(s):C35,C34 56Merc Auction Orange
10/20 2011 HW Garage - Ford Metallic Silver Black, Blue and Silver design Unpainted / Metal Blue tint Gray White Line LW5 T8283 Malaysia Issued as '56 Mercury 56Merc 11G Grey
2012 HW Racing - Stockca Matte Black and White "E.S.D.C. Racing" "256" Umpainted Metal Light Grey Tint White RR W8327 HWR-Stockcar-56Merc-Bl-Wh
2012 HW Boulevards White Baby Blue on lower half Unpainted Metal Blue Tint Light Blue WWRR W4632 Malaysia Date Code(s): E36 Mercury 1956 (boulevard)
2013 Sunburnerz Gold and White Gold and Black sunburst  design over entire car Chrome / Plastic Clear White Gold LW Malaysia Sunburnerz2013 merc
2013 Multipacks Exclusive Red and White Red and Orange flames Chrome / Plastic Clear White 5SP  Malaysia Date Code(s): F28 Hot Wheels '56 Merc 1

2010 Hot Auctions card

From the back of the 2010 Hot Auctions card:

Born: 1956
Birthplace: Dearborn, Michigan, USA
Designer: Ford
Specialty: With square shoulders, covered rear wheels and a V8 engine, this classic cruiser is out of this world!


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