'65 Corvette
Debut Series First Editions
Produced 2000 - Present
Designer Mark Jones
Number 24372
65 Vette AGENTAIR 1


The Hot Wheels '65 Corvette follows the revisions made to the 1:1 1963-64 car, including a smoothed-out hood, the three vertical working exhaust "gills" on the front fenders and side exhausts as a factory option. But the real reason might have been that the new '65 car could be ordered with the much more capable 396 cc (425hp) carbureted engine. You could order it in Tuxedo Black, but not in the metalflake black of the 2000 Hot Wheels debut car!


The '65 Corvette vehicle has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
079 2000 First Editions Metallic Black Silver Hot Wheels Logo on Trunk Gray / Plastic Clear Red 5SP 24372 Malaysia 65 Vette AGENTAIR 1
001 2001 Treasure Hunt #1/12 Enamel Red Metallic Gold and Metallic Silver Pin Striping, Metallic Gold and Metallic Silver Hot Wheels Logo on Passengers Rear Side, Treasure Hunt Badge in Silver, Gold + Black Gray / Plastic Clear White CDDRR Malaysia 65 Vette AGENTAIR 2
109 2001 Mainline Enamel White Yellow/orange/black flames Black HW Logo on Trunk Black / Plastic Clear Black 5SP 50639 Malaysia 65 Vette AGENTAIR 3
067 2002 Corvette
Metallic Blue Metallic Silver Hood & back with Yellow Orange Silver and Black Flames on hood and sides. Silver HW Logo on Trunk Gray / Plastic Clear Black 5SP Malaysia 65 Vette AGENTAIR 5
N/A 2002 McDonald's Play Set Enamel Red Yellow and Orange Flames with thick Black Outlines, Black Hot Wheels Logo on Trunk Black / Plastic Clear Black 5SP 89076 Malaysia 65 Vette AGENTAIR 4
2002 Power Launcher Flat Black Yellow, Orange & White Flaming on side, hood and rear. Grey plastic Tint Yellow 5SP Malaysia
5pk 2003 Raptor Blast Pearl Yellow Red, Brown, Black and White Tampo Designs. "CANINE CRUSHER" In White on Hood, White Outlined in Red "4" in Black Gumball also on Hood Black / Plastic Clear Black 5SP 57024 Thailand 65 Vette AGENTAIR 6a
2003 Houston Astros Promo Silver Astros Logos on side and hood, Coca Logo on rear deck. Chrome / Plastic Clear Black RR 85732 Malaysia Promo Date: 08-30-03 03astros
170 2005 Mainline #170 Metallic Silver Blue Simple Black Center Stripe from Hood to Trunk Outlined in Thin Red Stripes Black / Plastic Smoked Black 5SP H9078 Thailand 65 Vette AGENTAIR 7
3/4 2005 RLC sELECTIONs #3 Spectraflame Anti-Freeze "3" on hood and sides, Black stripes on top across and sides, "Club" on sides, "California VETZRUL" license plate Chrome / Metal Clear Black GYGTRR J4236 China Limited to 7,832 2005rlc65corvetteselections
085 2006 Bone Blazers
Mtflk. Purple Gray & White Dinosaur Bones with Yellow Flames behind. Gold Chrome orange Tint Black Gold 5SP J3411 Thailand '65 Corvette CIMG1896
085 2006 Bone Blazers
Black Gray & White Dinosaur Bones with Red Flames behind. Black / Plastic Red Tint Red Y5 J3411 Thailand 65 Corvette - 06 Bone Blazers
2006 Classics 2 Spectraflame Light Pink Black Stripe, Unpainted Metal Clear White RL5SP Thailand 65corvette
2006 Classics 2 Spectraflame Aqua Black Stripe, Unpainted Metal Clear White RL5SP Thailand 3-chevy-corvette-65-aqua-carded
N/A 2007 Gift Cars Happy Birthday Metallic Silver Red Sides With Black "65" in Silver Gum Ball on Doors and Hood, Black, Silver and Red Stripe Designs on Hood and Sides Chrome / Plastic Clear Gray Red Real Riders / White Letter Rubber Tires M3070 Thailand 65 Vette AGENTAIR 8
29/50 2009 Connect Cars - Iowa Dark Red White and light blue, "Iowa" on sides, "29" on hood and sides, Light blue and silver flames Chrome / Plastic Clear Black 5SP N4175 Malaysia 29 Iowa - '65 Corvette
217 2010 Mystery Cars
White Red Stripes & "10" in Black Gum Ball on Sides & Hood, Blue Stripe w/5 Stars on Hood, Black Headlights, Silver Grill & Bumpers, Hotwheels Tampo on Sides Blue Plastic Clear Black Chrome-Rim, Black PR5 Malaysia 2010 Mystery 01 65 Corvette
- 2011 Multipacks Exclusive Lime Green Black, White side tampo "5" in side and hood Chrome / Plastic Clear Black 5SP Malasya D06 Screenshot 2015-10-27-18-40-02-1
166 2012 HW Main Street
White Red & Blue tampos, "15", "Monroe Police", "K-9 Unit", "Monroeville" Chrome / Plastic Blue tint Blue Chrome-Rim, Black MC5 V5470 Malaysia

Base Codes: E26

2013 Mystery Models 2 Red Black, white and silver side tampo "5" Chrome / Plastic Clear Black 5SP Y8135 Malaysia base codes: E49 2013-MM2-65Corvette-Red
- 2014 Multipacks Exclusive Satin Black White and gold tampos, "hot wheels" logo and "5" on sides Chrome / Plastic Clear Beige 5SP Malaysia Corvette 65 2014bl
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