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'70 Chevy Blazer
Debut Series Hot Wheels Garage: GM
Produced 2011 - Present
Designer Brendon Vetuskey
Number T8333


The '70 Chevy Blazer is a Hot Wheels casting designed by Brendon Vetuskey which debuted as part of the 2011 Hot Wheels Garage Series.

It is based on the First Generation Chevrolet Blazer produced from 1969 to 1972, which was designed to compete with the Ford Bronco. It combined the off-road capabilities of its competitors, with the 'luxury' features found in pickup trucks at the time. Chevrolet sold over 70,000 First Generation Blazers during its four year production, before being updated for the 1973 model year.


The '70 Chevy Blazer has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
2011 Hot Wheels Garage: GM
Red Black & White Stripes Unpainted / Metal Clear Black RLDDRR T8341 Malaysia Base Code(s): 70chevyblazerRED.jpg
2011 Hot Wheels Garage: GM
Gray & Dark Blue Black & Red Stripes Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Gray) Gray Gray (Redline) RR5SP T8333 Malaysia Base Code(s): 70chevyblazerGREY.jpg
2011 Hot Wheels Garage: GM
Gold & White Badges & Details Unpainted / Metal Clear Gray RRMag V5249 Malaysia Ford vs. GM 20-Car Set Exclusive Toys 'r' Us Exclusive
Base Code(s):
2011 Hot Wheels Garage: GM
White Orange & Red Flames, Black Oil Splash on side Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Gray) Black Redline LW5 V6169 Malaysia

30-Car Set Exclusive

Base Code(s):

2012 Nostalgia: Saturday Evening Post Metalflake Green & White Gold Stripe and 'The Saturday Evening Post' on Sides, Normal Rockwell artwork on Roof Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Gray) Black Gold RR 'Post' W5153 Thailand

"Gone Fishing" July 19, 1930

Base Code(s): E12

2013 Pop Culture Archie Comics Black & Silver Reggie deco on sides, Orange stripes on sides & hood Unpainted / Metal Clear Orange DDRR X8349 Thailand Base Code(s): F34 HW-2013-Archie Comics-'70 Chevy Blazer.jpg
2014 Pop Culture: Marvel Red & Black Luke Cage (Hero for Hire) Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Gray) Brown RR10SP BDT12 Thailand Base Code(s): G27 HW-Marvel-'70 Chevy Blazer-Luke Cage,Hero for Hire...jpg
2018 Collector Edition Unpainted Black & Blue Flames, '1' and Hot Wheels Logos Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Gray) Blue Chrome (Red Rim) 'Hot Wheels' RR5SP FKF87 Malaysia Base Code(s): 70-Chevy-Blazer-h.jpg
2022 22nd Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals
HGK62 Sales Model
6,200 Produced
Image Not Available.jpg


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