'84 Ford Mustang SVO
Debut Series The Hot Ones
Produced 2012 - Present
Designer ?
Number W3777
Didit Permana.jpg


The Ford Mustang SVO was a limited-production variant of the third generation Ford Mustang produced in the US from 1984-1986. Unlike it's predecessor the Mustang Cobra, the SVO was designed differently than most mainstream Mustang Models. During its short run, the SVO was the most expensive and the fastest Mustang available at the time. The SVO was designed by Ford's Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) Department, hence the "SVO" nameplate. Like its predecessor, the Mustang Cobra, the SVO was also a Liftback design.


The '84 Mustang SVO has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
2012 The Hot Ones Silver Orange and Red stripes on sides, hood & roof, 'Mustang' on sides. Unpainted
Clear Red BW W3777 Thailand Base Codes: E31, E33 Hw 026.jpg
2013 Hot Wheels Boulevard Metalflake Orange Painted taillights, Matte Black hood, roof & trunk Unpainted
Clear Black Black RR X8242 Malaysia Base code(s): Didit Permana.jpg
2014 Cool Classics
Spectrafrost Purple Silver and Orange stripes on sides, hood & roof Unpainted
Clear Black RSW BDR39 Thailand Base code(s): HW-2014-Cool Classics--18-'84 Ford Mustang SVO.jpg
2015 Hot Wheels Heritage: Redlines
Blue Red & Silver stripes on sides, hood & roof Unpainted
Clear Dark gray RL CFN74 Malaysia Base code(s): H34 HW-2015-Heritage Series RL -9-'84 Ford Mustang SVO.jpg
2017 Car Culture: Premium Boxed Set
White Red line around the car and on top of the hood, Red and Black SVO on top of the hood and on both sides as well as one on the trunk, Blue Ford logo back and front, Tail and headlights detailed, License plate "California Iced Out" Unpainted
Tinted (Gray) White RREx FPW90 Thailand Base code(s): K40 FPW90 84 Mustang SVO-3.jpg
2019 Collector Edition Spectraflame Hugger Orange White & Blue Stripes, Hot Wheels Logo & '4' Unpainted
Tinted (Gray) Black Red Rim, Chrome RR6SPM FYH04 Malaysia Base code(s): M09 Hot Wheels 2019 Collector Edition Kmart Mail In '84 Mustang SVO.jpg


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