The 13th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals took place in Indianapolis, IN, April 10-14, 2013.

2013 nationals convention large.jpg

Convention Cars

The 13th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals featured the following castings.

Toy # Casting Body Color Graphics Quantity Notes Photo
Volkswagen Drag Bus White & Blue Hot Wheels Race Team Deco 3,000 Has Light Bar. 1/4 13th Nationals Drag Bus.jpg
'55 Chevy Panel Red & Silver 'Nationals Delivery, Diecast Experts', Chequered Flag 2,000 2/4 RC23a.jpg
Boss Hoss Blue w/ Black Roof 'Boss Hoss' on rear, Black Stripe on side 1,000 3/4 Boss Hoss (Retooled)-17518.jpg
Mob Rod Metalflake Burgundy & Beige 'The Nationals Special' on rear, '13' on door 1,100 4/4 (Finale Car) 13th Nationals Mob Rod.jpg
'67 Shelby GT500 White & Metalflake Dark Green Red Stripe, Convention Logo on Roof 1,500 Charity 13th Nationals Shelby.jpg
Rocket Oil Black & Red Red Flames, "Vandervate Express" on sides 1,200 Dinner 13th Nationals Rocket Oil.jpg
Backwoods Bomb Spectraflame Pink RLC Party Car Backwoods Bomb-24853.jpg

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