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2004 Treasure Hunts

Toy # Col. # # in Series Model Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Photo
B3570 101 1/12 1965 Pontiac Bonneville Flat Lavender Black and Pearl Lavender flames, TH logo on back window Chrome / Plastic Tinted Black CDDRR Malaysia 65PontiacBonneville 04TH
B3571 102 2/12 GT-03 Deep Red / Black Grey "GT-03" on sides. Dark Chrome / Plastic Tinted Red CDDRR Malaysia GT03 04TH
B3572 103 3/12 Cadillac Cien Black Light Red and Dark Red flames. TH logo on rear window Chrome / Plastic Tinted White Red Line CDDRR Malaysia CadillacCien 04TH
B3573 104 4/12 Double Demon Metallic Gold Orange, Red and White tribal designs. TH Logo on roof Unpainted / Metal Orange tint Orange White Line CDDRR Malaysia Demon
B3574 105 5/12 Super Smooth Metalflake Brown w/Champagne roof Black and Gold flame tampos on sides, "TH" logo on bed cover Black / Plastic Smoke Black Gold RR Malaysia Smooth
B3575 106 6/12 Splittin' Image Metallic Pearl White Black flame design outlined in Lavender. TH Logo and "35 Years of Racing" on front. Unpainted / Metal Purple tint Grey? CDDRR Malaysia Splittinimage 04TH
B3576 107 7/12 Altered State Metallic Pearl Yellow Red, Yellow and White flame design outlined in Black. TH Logos on sides Unpainted / Metal N/A Black Rear: White Line CDDRR. Front: SK5 Malaysia AlteredState 04TH
B3577 108 8/12 Morris Wagon Metallic Gold / Black White Black and Gold designs. TH logos on doors Unpainted / Metal Tinted Silver White Rim, Gold CM5 Malaysia Morris Wagon - 2004 TH CM5
B3577 108 8/12 Morris Wagon Metallic Gold / Black White Black and Gold designs. TH logos on doors Unpainted / Metal Tinted Silver Good year on front. RRBNG Malaysia Morris Wagon - 2004 TH RR
B3578 109 9/12 Whip Creamer II Satin Green / Satin Black White, Black and Green stripes. Th Logo, "Hot Wheels" and "T.H. 004" Chrome / Plastic Tinted Chrome White Line CDDRR Malaysia Whip2 04TH
B3579 110 10/12 Tantrum Metallic Dark Red Black and Silver flame design with TH logo on hood. Black / Plastic Light tint Black / Chrome RRPrf Malaysia Tantrum 04TH
B3580 111 11/12 Audacious Pearl White Yellow, Orange and White Flames. "Hot Wheels" on sides. TH logo on roof Chrome / Plastic Orange tint Tan CDDRR Malaysia Audacious
B3581 112 12/12 Meyers Manx Metallic Blue Black, White and Orange design. 04 TH logo on front Unpainted / Metal Blue tint White "T Hunt 04","Meyers Manx" Tampo. CDDRR Malaysia Meyersmanx 04TH

Treasure Hunts by year

Treasure Hunts by Year
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