In 2004, a selection of the 100 First Editions for the year were released as unpainted 'ZAMAC' models. These were a Toys 'R' Us exclusive, although some also appeared at Target.


Collector # Toy # Casting Name Sub-Series Photo
1/100 B3540 Batmobile Realistics Image Not Available
2/100 B3528 '69 Dodge Charger Realistics 2004-1 69 Charger - BBB01
3/100 B3527 Swoopy Do Realistics SwoopyDo-Unpainted-2004
4/100 B3530 1964 Chevy Impala Realistics Image Not Available
5/100 B3532 '68 Chevy Nova Realistics HW68ChevyNovaSSzamac
6/100 B3557 Two 2 Go 'Tooned HW TWO 2 GO B3557 C
7/100 B3558 Ferrari 360 Modena 'Tooned Ferrari 360 Modena Tooned 06
8/100 B3559 'Tooned Toyota Supra 'Tooned Image Not Available
9/100 B3556 Enzo Ferrari 'Tooned Hot-wheels-ferrari-enzo-zamac-cartela-cortada-pelo-meio-D NQ NP 17976-MLB20147020093 082014-F
10/100 B3529 Shift Kicker 'Tooned Image Not Available
12/100 B3566 Blings Dairy Delivery Blings Blings Dairy Delivery
13/100 B3562 Blings Hyperliner Blings Image Not Available
15/100 B3564 Dodge Ram Pickup Blings DodgeRamBling ZAMAC
16/100 B3565 2 Cool HardNoze Zamac2Cool
17/100 B3560 Grandy Lusion HardNoze Image Not Available
18/100 B3554 Dodge Neon HardNoze 100 1822
19/100 B3553 '49 Merc HardNoze Image Not Available
20/100 B3552 Twin Mill HardNoze Image Not Available
22/100 B3536 Mustang Funny Car Realistics Image Not Available
25/100 B3549 Deora 'Tooned Full item1 7936-1-
27100 B3550 Bedlam Realistics Image Not Available
28/100 B3538 '47 Chevy Fleetline Realistics 11c
36/100 B3544 Lotus Sport Elise Realistics Lotus Sport Elise (2004 First Editions-Zamac)
39/100 B3561 Hardnoze Chevy Monte Carlo 1974 HardNoze HardNoze Chevy Monte Carlo 1974 (Zamac)
43/100 B3545 Splittin' Image 'Tooned ZAMAC 'Tooned Splittin' Image
44/100 C2715 Crooze Ooz Coupe Crooze Image Not Available
45/100 C2721 Plymouth Barracuda FatBax Image Not Available
46/100 C2714 W-Oozie Crooze Image Not Available
48/100 C2709 Ford Mustang GT Concept Realistics Hw mustang ZAMAC
53/100 B3555 Plymouth Barracuda Blings Image Not Available
62/100 C2720 Silhouette FatBax Image Not Available
71/100 C2734 '69 Camaro Z28 'Tooned IMG 2726
76/100 C2719 Mad Propz 'Tooned 2004 076 FE Mad propz zamac
90/100 C2750 Mitsubishi Eclipse Realistics Dk0 BhKJENw
92/100 C2752 Jacknabbit Special FatBax Fatbax Jacknabbit Special package front
93/100 G3489 1963 Corvette 'Tooned Image Not Available
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