The 2010 Monster Jam series contains 76 models and each vehicle came with Flag featuring that trucks name. The 2010 series was broken up into the following subsets.


  • Spectraflames - These models have a Spectraflame paint finish.
  • Mud Trucks - These models have mud splatter painted onto the vehicle body and tire treads.
  • Monster Jam Classics - Flashback trucks.
  • World Finals - These trucks have special paint schemes that were only used at the World Finals.
  • Hot Wheels Originals - A unique model not based on any real world Monster Jam vehicle.
  • Standard - This word does not appear on the package but is used to designate any vehicle that does not fall into one of the previously listed subsets.


# Truck Name Subset Photo
1/75 Bounty Hunter Spectraflames
2/75 Grave Digger Mud Trucks
3/75 Blacksmith Monster Jam Classics
4/75 The Destroyer World Finals
5/75 Madusa Standard
6/75 Nitro Circus Standard
7/75 Instigator Standard
8/75 Pure Adrenaline Standard
9/75 Donkey Kong Standard
10/75 Monster Mutt Dalmatian Standard
11/75 Wrecking Crew Spectraflames
12/75 Maximum Destruction Mud Trucks
13/75 Cyclops Monster Jam Classics
14/75 Driving Skool Hot Wheels Originals
15/75 Airborne Ranger Standard
16/75 Udder Madness Hot Wheels Originals
17/75 El Matador Spectraflames
18/75 Blue Thunder Mud Trucks
19/75 Survivor Monster Jam Classics
20/75 King Krunch World Finals
21/75 Taz Standard
22/75 Iron Warrior Spectraflames
23/75 Avenger Mud Trucks
24/75 Vintage Grave Digger Monster Jam Classics
25/75 Shark Wreak Hot Wheels Originals
26/75 Backdraft Standard
27/75 Arachnaphobia Standard
28/75 Spike Unleashed Spectraflames
29/75 Captain's Curse Mud Trucks
30/75 High Roller World Finals
31/75 Boneshaker Hot Wheels Originals
32/75 Sudden Impact Spectraflames
33/75 Batman Mud Trucks
34/75 Ragin' Steel Monster Jam Classics
35/75 Donut Patrol Hot Wheels Originals
35/75 Hot Wheels Mud Trucks
36/75 Scarlet Bandit Standard
37/75 The Felon Standard
38/75 Time Flys Standard
39/75 Cowboy Spectraflames
40/75 El Toro Loco Mud Trucks
41/75 Clydesdale Monster Jam Classics
42/75 Martial Law Standard
43/75 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Standard
44/75 Monster Mutt Spectraflames
45/75 Hot Wheels Mud Trucks
46/75 Pillage Idiot Hot Wheels Originals
47/75 Backwards Bob Standard
48/75 Dragon's Breath Standard
49/75 Predator Spectraflames
50/75 U.S. Air Force Afterburner Mud Trucks
51/75 Rap Attack Standard
52/75 Avenger World Finals
53/75 Bad Habit Standard
54/75 Stone Crusher Spectraflames
55/75 King Krunch Mud Trucks
56/75 Tuff E' Nuff Monster Jam Classics
57/75 Cyborg Standard
58/75 Gunslinger Standard
59/75 Shocker Standard
60/75 Shock Therapy Standard
61/75 Iron Outlaw World Finals
62/75 Superman Standard
63/75 Brutus Standard
64/75 Storm Damage Standard
65/75 Jurassic Attack Standard
66/75 Black Stallion World Finals
67/75 Eliminator Standard
68/75 Maniac Standard
69/75 Thrasher Standard
70/75 Grave Digger World Finals
71/75 War Wizard Standard
72/75 Cuttin' Coroners Hot Wheels Originals
73/75 Obsession Standard
74/75 Eradicator Standard
75/75 Prowler Standard

Monster Jam Series By Year

Monster Jam Series By Year
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