This is a list of T-hunts from 2012.

2012 Treasure Hunts

Toy # Col. # # in Series Model Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Photo Case (Wave)
V5339 51 1 Custom '41 Willys Coupe Metallic Brown Orange tampo w/ sponsors Chrome Clear Gray MC5 Malaysia 41 Willys Coupe-Unpacked
V5340 52 2 Ducati 1098R Yellow "ducati" Gray / Metal N/A N/A MCPR5 IMG 0186
V5341 53 3 '69 Chevelle SS 396 Silver & Metallic Teal "T-hunt racing", sponsors Chrome Clear Black GY5SP '69 CHEVELLE T-HUNT 2012
V5342 54 4 Ford GT LM Red #4, Ford logo Grey / Plastic Blue Gray PR5 IMG 5543
V5343 55 5 '69 Corvette Metallic Dark Blue orange & yellow tampos, sponsors Blue / Plastic Blue Tinted Chrome MC5 2012 69CorvetteTH
V5344 56 6 Tyrrell P34 Red & White Goodyear and Tyrrell logos, sponsors. Grey / Plastic N/A Gray 5SP Tyrrel p34
V5345 57 7 '67 Mustang Silver over Black white & blue stripes Chrome Clear Dark Grey blue-rimmed, black PR5 2012 V5345 TH 67 Custom Mustang
V5346 58 8 '52 Chevy Truck Metallic Plum champainge colored roof, black & white tampos ZAMAC Smoke N/A White rim Black 5SP '52 Chevy Truck.058 2012
V5347 59 9 Ferrari 430 Scuderia Red Yellow tampos, Ferrari logo. Grey / Plastic Gray Yellow PR5 Hw 0022 (1)
V5348 60 10 '65 Chevelle Malibu Metallic Green Black scallops, Hot Wheels and T-Hunt logo. ZAMAC Clear Black PR5 '65 Chevy Malibu 2012 anwar
V5349 61 11 Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept Yellow Black stripes Black / Plastic tinted Black Yellow rim Black PR5 Shelby-th-hw-2012
V5350 62 12 '65 Ford Ranchero Metallic Green White & Silver stripes, White roof & bed Black / Plastic Brown Chrome LW '65 Ford Ranchero-062 2012 Treasure Hunts
V5351 63 13 Surf Crate Lime Green TH logo, multicolored stripes ZAMAC N/A Blue OH5 in back, SK5 in front. 2012 V5351 TH Surf Crate
V5352 64 14 '92 Ford Mustang Pearl Turqouise #98, sponsors, multicolored stripes Grey / Plastic Blue Black PR5 2012-92-Ford-Mustang
V5353 65 15 '70 Chevelle Convertible Orange Black & Yellow stripes Chrome Clear Black 5SP 2012 V5353 TH 70 Chevy Chevelle

2012 Super Treasure Hunts

They are distinguished by their Spectraflame paint,Real Riders and TH symbols.In 2012, Mattel released a series of super treasure hunt, hidden among the other series.

Toy # Col. # # in Series Model Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Photo Case
V5369 84 4/10 '69 Dodge Coronet Super Bee Spectraflame Orange Black stripes on sides & hood, 'TH' on sides, '426' on hood. Chrome / Plastic Clear      Black Grey


Malaysia Coronet-sth-hw-2012
V5370 110 10/10 '67 Chevelle SS 396 Spectraflame Maroon White, Black, and Silver stripes on sides and hood, 'Treasure Hunt' and 'TH' on sides, '396' on hood Black chrome / Plastic Blue  Black  Black 5SPRR Malaysia  IMG 0187
V5378 144 8/10 '70 Camaro Road Race Spectraflame Red White rally stripes, black, red and white “CHAMPION” logo on roof and doors, “3” on hood. Chrome / Plastic Clear Grey EXRR Malaysia 
11$TH 70Camaro
V5372 120 10/10 '73 Ford Falcon XB Spectraflame Purple Black, white and silver tampos. Black and silver “TH” on rear quarter.  Chrome / Plastic Clear  Grey GTRLRR Malaysia  Hot Wheels 2012 120 1973 Ford Falcon XB Super treasure hunt 2
V5373 116 6/10 Custom '67 Ford Mustang Coupe Spectraflame Brown White and tan stripes, black and white “TH”.  Chrome / Plastic Clear  Grey TWRR Malaysia  Hot wheels 015 C
V5374 82 2/10 '71 Dodge Challenger Spectraflame Teal Black and white stripes, red markers, white and red lettering, “TH” on front fender.     Chrome / Plastic Clear  Black AMW5SPRR Malaysia  Hot wheels 013
V5375 179 9/10 '71 Maverick Grabber Spectraflame Blue Red, Yellow & White HW Race Team deco, "8" White Roof. Chrome / Plastic Blue tint White Red chrome rimmed black RR Malaysia  71 Ford Maverick Grabber - 12 HW Racing $UPER
V5376 112 2/10 '66 Ford Fairlane GT Spectraflame green  Black and white tampos, "TH" on trunk stripe.  Chrome / Plastic Tinted   black  AMWRR Malaysia 
12$TH66 Ford Fairlane GT
V5377 141 1/10 Honda S2000 Spectraflame Blue Red, yellow, black and white tampos, “AEM” and ‘12” on side.  Chrome / Plastic Clear Black  ASW GTRR Malaysia  Hot wheels 011
V5379 125 5/10 Ferrari 599XX Spectraflame Red Black, white and yellow tampos. Roof and trunk black, side and hood stripes.    Black / plastic  Clear  Black  RREx Malaysia  Ferrari 599XX - 12AllStarSuper
V5378 108 8/10 '69 Camaro Spectraflame Black Red and silver rally and side stripes, “TH” on trunk facing rear. Chrome / plastic  Clear  Red 5SPRRT Malaysia 
12-108 69 Camaro $uper Grey top
V5380 151 1/10 Tooned VW Bug Spectraflame Blue Yellow and orange flames on sides, hood and roof. “TH” facing rear on roof. Black / plastic  Clear  Black  White 5SPRR Malaysia  Tooned VW Bug.151 2012 Super Treasure Hunt
V5381 132 2/10 '70 Chevelle SS Wagon Spectraflame orange  Black, gold and white tampos, “FIRE CHIEF” and “TH” on sides and hood. ”68” on rear roof facing rear.    Black / plastic Clear  White  Copper


Malaysia  2012-'70 Chevelle SS Wagon-Burnt Orange
V5382 129 9/10 Ford Focus RS Spectraflame Red White, blue and black tampos, “RS”, sponsor logos and black “3”.  Grey / plastic  Clear  Black  AMW GTRR Malaysia  2012-'09 Ford Focus RS-Super
V5383 161 1/10 '11 Dodge Charger R/T Spectraflame Red Gold, white, red and black tampos, “99” on sides and trunk, “AURORA” over rear wheels. Fire department logo on hood and rear doors.        Black / plastic  Clear  Black  AMW Red5SP

with chrome rimRR

Malaysia  '11 Dodge Charger R-T-SUPER

Treasure Hunts by year

Treasure Hunts by Year
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