The 2013 Monster Jam series contains 75 models and each vehicle came with a Crushable Car. The 2013 series was broken up into the following subsets.

2013 was also the 10th Anniversary of the famous Max-D truck, so every package has a small 10th anniversary logo on it.

The 2013 Monster Jam Series was not numbered, so the list will go in alphabetical order.


  • 1st Editions - New trucks or paint schemes to 2013
  • Mud Trucks - These trucks have mud splatter painted onto the vehicle body and tire treads.
  • Spectraflames - These trucks have a Spectraflame paint finish.
  • Edge Glow - These trucks have transparent roll-cages.
  • X-Rays - These trucks have a transparent body.
  • Vintage - These are 'Flashback' style monster trucks.
  • Standard - This word does not appear on the package but is used to designate any vehicle that does not fall into one of the previously listed subsets.


Truck Name Subset Photo
Advanced Auto Parts Grinder X-Rays
Aftershock Mud Trucks
Avenger Standard
Backdraft Mud Trucks
Backwards Bob Standard
Bad Habit Standard
Bad News Travels Fast X-Rays
Barbarian Mud Trucks
Black Stallion Standard
Batman 1st Editions 2013
Blue Thunder 1st Editions 2013
Bounty Hunter Edge Glow
Brutus 1st Editions 2013
Bulldozer Standard
Captain America Standard
Captain's Curse Standard
Crushstation Standard
Desperado Standard
Dragon's Breath Standard
El Toro Loco Mud Trucks
Excaliber Vintage
Fullboar Mud Trucks
Grave Digger Standard
Grave Digger X-Rays
Grave Digger The Legend Standard
Gunslinger X-Rays
Higher Education 1st Editions 2013
Hurricane Force Standard
Illuminator Edge Glow
Inferno 1st Editions 2013
Instigator 1st Editions 2013
Iron Man Standard
Iron Outlaw Spectraflames
Jurassic Attack Spectraflames
King Krunch Standard
King Krunch Vintage
Krazy Train Spectraflames
Lucas Oil Crusader 1st Editions 2013
Madusa X-Rays
Maximum Destruction Standard
Max-D 1st Editions 2013
Max-D Standard
Mechanical Mischief X-Rays
Metal Mulisha 1st Editions 2013
Michigan Ice Monster Edge Glow
Mohawk Warrior Standard
Monster Mutt Standard
Monster Mutt Dalmatian Mud Trucks
Monster Mutt Rottweiler Standard
Nitro Hornet 1st Editions 2013
Northern Nightmare 1st Editions 2013
Obsessed Edge Glow
Predator Edge Glow
Rap Attack X-Rays
Razin' Kane 1st Editions 2013
Reptiod Spectraflames
Samson Standard
Shock Therapy X-Rays
Shocker Edge Glow
Son-Uva Digger Standard
Spider-Man Standard
Stone Crusher Spectraflames
Storm Damage Mud Trucks
Superman Mud Trucks
Tasmanian Devil Spectraflames
Team Hot Wheels Firestorm 1st Editions 2013
The Felon Mud Trucks
The Patriot Spectraflames
Thrasher Spectraflames
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Standard
Tropical Thunder 1st Editions 2013
Vintage Grave Digger Vintage
Virginia Giant X-Rays
Wolverine 1st Editions 2013
Wrecking Crew X-Rays

Monster Truck Series By Year

Monster Truck Series By Year
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