2013 Secret Treasure Hunts

Symbol of the flame.

In 2013, Mattel did not release a list of Treasure Hunt cars. Instead, they mixed them in with various series cars. TH cars are distinguished by the symbol of the flame.

Here are the list secret treasure hunt 2013


Toy # Col. # # in Series Model Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Photo Case (Wave)
X1693 041 1/10 Bread Box White 'HWPS' flame symbol Chrome Blue tint Blue 5SP Malaysia 2013 X1693 TH Bread Box A
X1766 136 6/10 Carbonator Clear Blue Blue and White Hot Wheels "Carbonator Energy" flame symbol Lime Green
N/A Gray Chrome rim, Transparent Blue Wheel OH5 Malaysia Carbonator B
X1673 017 7/10 '10 Camaro SS Black Red and White stripes, "Police", "HW68", "Speed Unit" flame symbol Dark Gray Blue Gray Red-rim, Black PR5 Malaysia 2013 '10 Camaro SS C
X1759 128 8/10 Fast Fish Pale Blue Black "17" inside White circle, "Gulf" logo, Orange stripe, Black flame symbol Orange
Clear Chrome Orange Chrome rim, Black PR5 IMG-20121121-02395 D
X1753 121 1/10 Circle Trucker Olive Green KILPIN Racing '3' Gray
tint Yellow Yellow rim, Black MC5 Malaysia Circle Trucker-2013 121 Track Aces E
X1688 036 6/10 '64 Lincoln Continental (2000) Green Yellow, Red and Blue flame and arrow graffiti, Black flame symbol Chrome
Blue tint Black Gold rim LW, Blue tyre Malaysia Lincoln Continental-2013 036 TH F
X1702 051 1/25 Sting Rod II OD Green White Flame Orange Back ground Symbol Red
Orange Gray Orange Chrome Rimmed OR12SP Malaysia Photo-12 G
X1739 101 1/10 Prototype H-24 Metalflake Blue Red, Yellow & White Hot Wheels Race Team deco, "2" Chrome
Blue Tint White OH5 Malaysia Prototype H-24-2013 101 H
X1684 032 2/10 Custom '77 Dodge Van Black Yellow ,White & Green Graffiti Custom Chrome
Yellow Tint Green Yellow Wheel, Green OH5 Malaysia Custom '77 Dodge Van-2013 32 J
X1680 027 7/10 Dodge Challenger Drift Car White Dodge Racing '77' Graphics Black
Tinted Black Chrome rim, Black PR5 Malaysia Dodge Challenger Drift Car-2013 27 Nightburnerz TH K
X1671 014 4/10 Ford Mustang GT Concept Blue Red, white and blue, "police" Black
Red tint Black White line, Black 5SP Malaysia Ford Mustang GT Concept-2013 014 TH L
X1675 019 9/10 Fire Eater White Red Flames Chrome
Yellow Black Red Chrome 5SP Malaysia Fire Eater pearl white treasure hunt 2013 M
X1732 092 2/5 '12 Ford Fiesta Red Fiesta '8' Orange
Tinted Orange White 10SP Malaysia '12 Ford Fiesta-2013 092 TH N
X1677 022 2/10 Mazda RX-7 Gray Stripes, sponsors, "nostalgic car" logo Black
Smoke Blue Plain PR5 Malaysia Mazda RX-7-SILVER P
X1756 124 4/10 Bad to the Blade Metalflake Black X-1120 and TH orange symbol, HW light blue and 8. Light Blue painted Metal N/A Orange Orange TRAP5 Malaysia Bad to the Blade-2013 124 TH Q

2013 Super Secret Treasure Hunts

Super secret treasure hunt

In 2013, as in 2012, Mattel released a series of super treasure hunt, hidden among the other series.

They are distinguished by their Spectraflame paint, Real Riders and TH symbols.

Here are the list super secret treasure hunt 2013

(long board only, no international)


Toy # Col. # # in Series Model Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Photo



X2010 155 5/10 '10 Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake Spectraflame Olive Green Black, White & Silver Gray Smoke Tinted Black Gold RRE ML '10 Ford Shelby GT500 Supersnake E
X2017 163 3/10 '72 Ford Ranchero Spectraflame Purple Pink, Silver, White & Purple Unpainted Metal Clear Dark Gray RRC ML '72 Ford Ranchero K
X2018 167 7/10 '10 Toyota Tundra Spectraflame Dark Red Black & Silver Silver Smoke Tinted Black Red Rims, Black ORRR5SP ML Toyota Tundra-RED N
X2020 176 6/10 Toyota 2000 GT Spectraflame Red Black & Silver Gloss Black Painted Metal Clear Black Chrome Rims, Black RRC ML Toyota 2000 GT J
X2019 181 1/10 Bone Shaker Spectraflame Pink Gold,Pink,Black & White Unpainted Metal No Chrome Chrome rims, Black RR5SP ML Bone Shaker G
X2023 197 7/10 '69 Chevy Camaro Convertible Spectraflame Red White, Silver & Red Black Clear White RR5SP ML '69 Camaro L
X2024 198 8/10 '73 Ford Falcon XB Spectraflame Gold Red, Black & Silver Dark Chrome Smoke Tinted Dark Gray Chrome rims, Black RR5SP ML '73 Ford Falcon XB-COPPER C
X2015 202 2/10 '09 Corvette ZR1 Spectraflame Red Red, Silver, Black & White Gray Smoke Tinted Gray White RRC ML '09 Corvette ZR1-RED B
X2016 207 7/10 '62 Corvette Spectraflame Lite Blue White & Silver Chrome Clear Black RR5SP ML '62 Corvette H
X2012 217 7/10 '71 Dodge Demon Spectraflame Blue Gree, Yellow, Black & White Chrome Clear Black Chrome rims, Black RR5SP ML '71 Dodge Demon-Blue0 Q
X2013 229 9/10 '07 Ford Mustang Spectraflame Green Dark Gree, Black, Silver & White Black Clear Black RR5SP ML '07 Ford Mustang-GREEN P
X2021 233 3/10 '71 El Camino Spectraflame Bronze Burgandy, Milky & Brown Chrome Brown Tinted Black Gold RR5SP ML '71 El Camino D
X2022 238 8/10 '64 Buick Riviera Spectraflame Purple Black & White Chrome Smoke Tinted Gray RRC ML '64 Buick Riviera-Purple F
X2011 242 2/10 '72 Ford Gran Torino Sport Spectraflame Blue Orange, Red, Black & White Black Clear Dark Chrome RR5SP ML '72 Ford Gran Torino Sport-DARK BLUE A
X2014 244 4/10 '67 Camaro Spectraflame Black or Grey White, Red & Blue Unpainted Metal Clear Red RR5SP ML '67 Camaro M

Treasure Hunts by year

Treasure Hunts by Year
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