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The following vehicles could only be found in Multi-Packs (3, 9, 10, and 20 Packs) in the year 2015.

Some multi-pack exclusive vehicles use existing tampo designs but were released with different colors and wheels, these vehicles are mixed into the contents of the multi-pack.

In addition to these, four different castings were used in a special section of the multi-pack with a red outline, labeled as 'Exclusive Decoration', and are a brand new tampo scheme. These are each released in three different colors throughout the year.


Casting Name Color Tampo Wheels Photo
'57 T-Bird Metalflake Brown White, Yellow & Orange flames LW 57 T-Bird - 15 Multi-Pack Exclusive 600pxDM.jpg
'62 Ford Mustang Concept Metalflake Orange White stripes on sides & hood OH5 62' Ford Mustang concept (3802) HW L1170044.JPG
'65 Corvette Metalflake Purple White and gold tampos, "hot wheels" logo and "5" on sides Gold 5SP Image Not Available.jpg
'68 Chevy Nova Gray Yellow & Black stripes on sides & hood MC5 68 Chevy Noca.jpg
'68 Mercury Cougar Metalflake Purple Silver and Black stripes, "XR-7" trim, hood pins MC5 68-cougar-2015-purple-multipack.jpg
'69 Ford Torino Talladega Metallic Gold White & Black stripes on sides & hood, Black stripes on roof & trunk 5SP N3191-02 '69 Ford Torino Talladega (3).jpg
'69 Mercury Cyclone Metalflake Purple White stripes on sides 5SP IMG 0666.JPG
'70 Ford Torino White Orange, Yellow & White Hot Wheels Race Team deco, "7" MC5 15199355858211632102523.jpg
'70 Pontiac GTO Brown White, Yellow, Orange flames on Sides White 5SP 70-Pontiac-GTO Multipack Exclusive 2015.jpg
'71 Dodge Demon Metalflake Green Blue & White flames on hood & sides Chrome rim MC5 71DodgeDemonX6999.jpg
'73 Pontiac Firebird Yellow Maroon, Red & Orange flames on sides & hood PR5 100 6900.jpg
'82 Corvette Stingray Black Brown Racing Stripes outlined in Yellow FTE 82 Corvette Stingray - 15 Multi-Pack Exclusive 600pxDM.jpg
'07 Shelby GT-500 Dark Green Green & White Graphics. White-Rim, Black PR5 07 Shelby GT500 - 15 Multi-Pack Exclusive 600pxDM.jpg
'08 Dodge Challenger SRT8 Matte Black Beige, Red & Black stripes on sides, Beige stripes on hood White Rim, Black PR5 08DodgeChallengerX6999.jpg
'10 Camaro SS Candy Red White and yellow stripes on the trunk lid, the hood and the sides. OH5 Camaro SS '10 (20!!) !.JPG
2010 Ford Mustang GT Purple Orange, Gold stripes FTE 2010 Ford Mustang GT (year unknown).jpg
'11 Dodge Charger R/T Metallic Gold "R/T" & "Dodge" logo on doors, Black panel stripes PR5 Dodge-charger-rt-2011-multipack.jpg
2011 IndyCar Oval Course Race Car Orange Black, Blue & White stripes, 'Swisher' on top & nose Chrome Blue rim MC5 11IndyCarOCRaceCar.jpg
'12 Corvette Z06 Metalflake Dark Blue Silver stripes across top Chrome Red & Black PR5 12 Corvette Z06 - 15 Multi-Pack Exclusive 600pxDM.jpg
2012 Volkswagen Beetle Metalflake Pink VW Logo, head lights, tail lights, White Car plate w/ Black HTWLS OH5 12VWBeetleX6999.jpg
2013 Viper SRT Metalflake Dark Gray Yellow stripe on top outlined in black. Black "SRT" on roof, Hot Wheels logo on trunk. Y5 13 Dodge Viper.JPG
Bad to the Blade Metalflake Green White & Black tampos, '8' on sides & top, HW logo on top White TRAP5 Bad to the Blade Multipack Exclusive 2015.jpg
Blvd. Bruiser Metalflake Black Hot Wheels Race Team deco in Orange & Black #10 on hood Rear Fender Red Chrome rim, Black MC5 100 7043.JPG
Corvette Grand Sport Light Blue Black Stripes on hood and sides, Black "63" in white circle on hood and sides Gold OH5 Corvette gs 2015ml.JPG
Covelight Red Light Blue, Black, Black, & Gray Tampos, "01", "Stunt Team", checkers, & race deco on sides Light Blue rim OH5 20160710 014132.jpg
Custom '07 Ford Mustang Metalflake Dark Orange Beige & Black stripes on sides OH5 IMG 7621.jpg
Dodge Charger Stock Car Lime Orange, Black, White and Light Blue tampos, "44" on both sides and roof, "Hot Wheels" logo Yellow Rim, Black MC5 Dodge-charger-stock-car-2015-green.jpg
Ettorium Metalflake Light Blue Orange, Black & White deco on sides & hood White TRAP5 2015EttitoriumMultipack.jpg
F1 Racer Yellow Hot Wheels Racing Tampos "8" White OH5 F1 Racer Multipack.jpg
Fish'd & Chip'd Red White, Black flames on sides. Yellow Hot Wheels logo on sides Gold LW Fish'ed & Chip'd BC G50.jpg
Flight '03 Green "Flight '03", Yellow, Orange & White stripes w/ logos White PR5 Flight '03 Various Multipacks 2015.jpg
Ford Falcon Race Car Dark Red White, Light Blue & Blue tampos on sides & hood, Ford logo on sides & hood White 10SP FFRCRed.JPG
Formul8r Metalflake Sky Blue White, Yellow, Black, Pink Tampo "8" Purple-Chrome-Rim, Black PR5 Formul8r - 15 Multi-Pack Exclusive 600pxDM.jpg
Growler Red Black & Orange designs on sides, Orange HW Logo on lower door Orange Chrome 5SP MPGrowler15.jpg
Hypertruck Purple Yellow & Orange stripes & White HW logo on sides OH5 HypertruckX6999.jpg
Jaded Yellow Purple and Pink Twirly Flames Green 5SP Jaded.JPG
La Fasta Black Red & White stripes, checkered flag, '9' on sides PR5 LaFastaX6999.jpg
Loop Coupe Red Black, White & Blue deco, HW logo & stars on sides, Yellow & Black stripes across top Chrome Gold 10SP 2015. Loop Coupe.(Multipack Exclusive).JPG
Mazda Furai Gold Black & White stripes, checkered flag pattern on sides 5SP Mazda furai 2015.jpg
Monoposto Blue Black graphics with orange outline, "MONOPOSTO" Gold PR5 20160710 014210.jpg
Power Pipes Black Orange, Blue, Silver & White tampos, 'Hot Wheels', '321' & race deco on sides OH5 2015 Power Pipes black.jpg
RD-01 Blue Red, Silver, & White tampos, 'RD 01' on sides Gold PR5 Image Not Available.jpg
Scorcher Metalflake Purple Black, Yellow, White, & Orange tampos on sides & hood, '43' on sides Orange Chrome rim Black OH5 ScorcherX6999.jpg
Sling Shot Pearl Pink Hot Wheels Racing Tampos "1" Orange TRAP5 Sling Shot Multipack Exclusive 2015.jpg
Spider Rider Orange w/ Green fenders Scales and eyeballs on rear fenders OR5SP Black with Gold Rim Spider Rider 2015 Multipack.JPG
Torque Screw Metalflake Red White & Blue stripes w/ Black dots & '18' on sides Chrome Gold rim OH5 2015 Multipack Torque Screw.jpg
Vulture Blue Orange, Red, & Light Blue flames on sides Blue Chrome rim, Black OH5 2018090816.jpg
Zotic Blue Yellow and Black, White & Black Graphics Yellow Rim, Black PR5 DSC 9147~3.JPG

9/10 Pack Exclusive Vehicles

Casting Name Color Tampo Wheels Photo
'33 Ford Black Red & Orange flames on sides 5SP Image Not Available.jpg
'33 Ford Metalflake Silver Green, Light Green, & Black flames on sides Chrome Green Rim MC5 Image Not Available.jpg
'33 Ford Yellow Red & Orange flames MC5 2015. Ford '33.(Multipack Exclusive).JPG
'67 Custom Mustang White Silver and Blue Stripes 10SP 67-mustang-2015-white-multipack.jpg
'67 Custom Mustang Red Yellow and White Stripes Yellow Rim PR5 67-mustang-2015-red-multipack.jpg
'67 Custom Mustang Blue Red and White Stripes PR5 67-mustang-2015-blue-multipack.jpg
'71 Dodge Charger Metalflake Green Gray Stripes on sides, Black & Gray stripes on hood MC5 CHARGER 71 GREED BLACK.JPG
'71 Dodge Charger Metalflake Brown Gold & Black Graphics MC5 71 Dodge Charger - 15 Multi-Pack Exclusive 600pxDM.jpg
'71 Dodge Charger Black Gray Stripes on sides & hood MC5 Image Not Available.jpg
'72 Ford Gran Torino Sport Metalflake Gold Black Stripes Gold rim MC5 72-ford-gran-torino-sport-2015-multipack.jpg
'72 Ford Gran Torino Sport Purple White Stripes on sides and top. White Hot Wheels logo on back side PR5 1972 Ford Gran Torino Sport Purple.jpg
'72 Ford Gran Torino Sport Metalflake Blue Light Blue Stripes On Sides And Top. Light Blue HW Logo On Back Side MC5 Mltipk72Torino.jpg
Multi-Pack Exclusives