2015 Secret Treasure Hunts

As from 2013, Mattel doesn't release a specific list of treasure hunts.  Instead, they are mixed with the different series.

Treasure Hunts are distinguished by the 'circle flame' symbol.
Symbol of the flame.

Here is the list of Secret Treasure Hunts 2015.

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Toy # Col. # # in Series Model Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Photo Case (Wave)
CFL03 162 HW Race - Super Chromes Chicane Chrome Black, Red and White Stripes Black / Plastic Red Tint Black Red Tire, Chrome OH5 Malaysia Chicane th 2015 A
CFK53 101 HW Off-Road - Jungle Rally Jeep CJ-7 Orange Black and White Checkerboard, Tiger-like Tampos, White "67 on side rear Dark Teal / Plastic Yellow Tint Black OR6SP Malaysia 2014-10-31 21.54.59 B
CFH65 044 HW City - Space Team RocketFire Blue White 'RocketFire', Light Blue and White Tampos Chrome / Metal Blue Tint Light Blue OH5 Malaysia Rocketfire th 2015 C
CFK27 069 HW City - All Stars Fast FeLion Metaflake Copper Black and Red Flames, Blue, Black and White stripes with White stars, Football tampos Red / Plastic Smoke Black PR5 Malaysia Fast felion th 2015 D
CFH43 026 HW City - Art Cars Volkswagen Beetle Pink Love related Tampos in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue, Peace sign Chrome / Metal Clear Blue MC5 Malaysia 2015 Volkswagen Beetle Pink E
CFK48 095 HW Off-Road - Sky Show Jet Threat 4.0 Green and Orange Checkerboard Tampos, Dark Green and Black Tampos Black / Metal Chrome N / A PR5 Malaysia 2015 Jet Threat TH F
CFK83 138 HW Race - X-Raycers Paradigm Shift Translucent Pink White, Orange and Black Tampos Orange / Metal Clear Gray TRAP5 Malaysia Paradigm shift th 2015 G
CFH31 007 HW City - City Works Fast Gassin Metalflake Dark Blue Tank, Light Blue Cab Orange Tampos with white 'FAST GASSIN', Chrome / Plastic NA Orange 5SP Malaysia Fast Gassin TH 2015 H
CFK44 089 HW Off-Road - Battle Kings Enforcer Gray Yellow, Purple, Green and Black War-like tampos, Black "99" on rear side Yellow / Plastic NA Black OR5SP Malaysia 2015 -89 Enforcer-Regular Thunt-US J
CFK60 113 HW Off-Road - Stunt Circuit Mad Splash Yellow Orange and Black tampos Blue / Plastic Black Black Blue tires, silver OH5 Malaysia Mad Splash TH 2015 K
CFH60 038 HW City - Street Beasts Piranha Terror Bright Red Orange Tiger-like tampos, yellow and blue circle tampos, lime tampos Yellow / Metal No Windows Blue Translucent OH5 Malaysia Piranha Terror th 2015 L
CFJ15 175 HW Race - Night Storm Time Tracker Dark Blue Blue, Light Blue and Pink tampos, 4 on side spoiler, Blue and Red "Time Tracker" on side and hood Turquoise / Metal Blue Tint Chrome PR5 Malaysia Time Tracker th 2015 M
CFK52 099 HW Off-Road - Test Facility Team Hot Wheels Corkscrew Buggy Light Blue Black, Orange, Yellow and White tampos, Off-Road like tampos, Hot Wheels logo on side, black flames on hood Orange / NA Chrome OR6SP Malaysia Team hot wheels 4x4 th 2015 N
CFL13 173 HW Race - Night Storm Rogue Hog Red Yellow, White and Lime Green stripes on side Unpainted / Metal Green tint Chrome OH5 Malaysia
1 (9)
CFK55 106 HW Off-Road - Ice Mountain Tread Air Satin Blue White and Yellow stripes, White "AVALANCHE RESCUE" on side, "01" on rear side White / Plastic NA Chrome Micro5SP Malaysia 2015 Tread Air Treasure Hunt Q

2015 Super Secret Treasure Hunts

Super secret treasure hunt

In 2015, Mattel released a series of Super Treasure Hunts, hidden among the other series.  These are known as Super Secret Treasure Hunts.

They are distinguished by their Spectraflame paint, Real Riders, extensive detail, unique wheel rims, wheel tread patterns, and TH symbols.

Here are the list Super Secret Treasure Hunts 2015.


Toy # Col. # # in Series Model Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Photo Case (Wave)
CFJ34 073 HW City - Surf Patrol Volkswagen Kool Kombi Spectraflame Green Brown Tampos, Brown Painted Wood, VW Logo, Headlights, Beige "Surf Shop" Unpainted / Metal Clear Tan RRS Malaysia Kool Kombi A
CFJ37 129 HW Race - Race Team RRRoadster Spectraflame Blue Orange Stripes, Hot Wheels Logo Black / Plastic Clear Gray CoMo Malaysia Rrroadster $th 2015 B
CFJ45 239 HW Workshop - Drift Race Toyota AE-86 Corolla Spectraflame Red Black and Copper stripes, Greddy Sponsors and other sponsors logo Black / Plastic Clear Black CoMo Malaysia Toyota Corolla AE (CFJ45) (loose) C
CFJ39 188 HW Workshop - Thrill Racers Ferrari 599 XX Spectraflame Black Red and Burgundy Stripes, Ferrari Logo, Headlight Tampos Black / Plastic Smoke Black CoMo Malaysia Ferrari 599xx $TH 2015 D
CFJ40 195 HW Workshop - Speed Team '69 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Spectraflame Orange Black Tampos Black / Plastic Clear Black CoMo Malaysia Mustang Boss STH 2015 E
CFJ33 020 HW Workshop - Performance Custom '77 Dodge Van Spectraflame Yellow Mooneyes Tampos, Black and White deco "Moon", Black "Dodge" Chrome / Plastic Clear Red RRS Malaysia 2015-custom-77-dodge-van F
CFJ42 209 HW Workshop - Heat Fleet Pass'n Gasser Spectraflame Blue Yellow Stripes, Flames and Black Flames with "Reyna & Cook" on it Black / Plastic Clear Chrome CoMo Malaysia Pass n gasser STH 2015 G
CFJ47 151 HW Race - World Racers Mastretta MXR Spectraflame Red Headlights, Rearlights and Mastretta Logo Black / Plastic Smoke Black CoMo Malaysia Mastretta STH 2015 H
CFJ43 225 HW Workshop - Garage 8 Crate Spectraflame Red Black, Red and White Stripes Chrome / Plastic Dark Blue Tint Black RR5SP Malaysia
8 Crate STH
CFJ35 077 HW Off-Road - Road Rally 2008 Lancer Evolution Spectraflame Deep Blue Orange Tampos "MAXIMUM ATTACK" on hood and side, Gray / Plastic Smoke Black BlackGYE7SP Malaysia 2015-2008-Lancer-Evolution K
CFJ46 242 HW Workshop - Then and Now '65 Mustang Fastback Spectraflame Dark Blue Yellow Stripes Gray / Plastic Clear Black RR10SP Malaysia 65 mustang 2 2 fastback 2015 STH L
CFJ38 184 HW Race - Track Aces '81 DeLorean DMC-12 Spectraflame Red Yellow and White striped tampos with Red Stars on side rear, Sponsored tampos Black / Plastic Clear Beige RR Malaysia
DSC 5555
CFJ41 201 HW Workshop - NightBurnerz Toyota Supra Spectraflame Red GReddy and other Sponsor Logos, Hot Wheels logo on side with conveyor belt like tampos, colorful tampos Black / Plastic Clear Black RR5SP Malaysia Supra N
CFJ44 229 HW Workshop - Muscle Mania '70 Plymouth Superbird Spectraflame Light Blue Sponsor tampos, red and white stripes and tampos, "T-Hunt Racing" on rear side, red "33" on roof and side, red "426 C.I." on hood Chrome / Plastic Clear Black Red 10DOT Malaysia 2015-70-Plymouth-Superbird P
CFJ36 120 HW Off-Road - Hot Trucks Toyota Baja Truck Spectraflame Red Sponsor Tampos, "48" on side, White, Orange and Yellow Stripes Gray / Plastic None Gray BFGRRR Malaysia Toyota Off-Road Truck (2) package front Q

Treasure Hunts by year

Treasure Hunts by Year
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