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To celebrate Hot Wheels, they hit the road and held real-life car shows in Walmart carparks at 18 locations around the USA to find the next car to be immortalized as a Hot Wheels vehicle.

"In case you missed the 2018 Legends Tour, it was EPIC! We’re talkin’ over 65,000+ attendees, 3600+ car entries, 15 finalists and one outrageous winner! Now what? Let’s do it again! Hot Wheels® is hitting the road once again with the nationwide traveling car show in search of a custom car worthy of becoming a Hot Wheels® die-cast car! And in true challenger spirit, we’re making this year bigger with more stops to give even more fans the chance to see their car immortalized as a Hot Wheels® die-cast car.

One finalist from each of the 18 cities will join us at SEMA 2019 in Las Vegas, where one lucky winner will be immortalized as a Hot Wheels Legend and get made into a die-cast car sold around the world. Don’t miss this epic event!"

The vehicles were judged in three categories:

  • Authenticity - "Have you ever seen a car and said, “That looks like a Hot Wheels?” We’re looking for that radical ride that nails the amazing performance."
  • Creativity - "We’ve made over 25,000 unique vehicle models in the past 50 years, so we’re looking for something with unique details that stands out."
  • Garage Spirit - "It’s built, not bought, just like Hot Wheels.  We’re looking to see some elbow grease that exemplifies the challenger spirit it took to build."


Date Location Owners Name Vehicle Photo
March 16, 2019 Miami, FL Jose Lugo 1947 Willys Jeep Pickup 2019LegendsStop1
March 30, 2019 Huston,TX Ron Fehring 1972 Chevy LUV 2019LegendsStop2
April 27, 2019 Atlanta, GA Freddy Quintero 1975 Chevy Impala 2019LegendsStop3
May 18, 2019 El Segundo, CA Greg Salzillo 1957 Nash Metropolitan - "Nashole"
May 25, 2019 Charlotte, NC Chad Martin 1936 Chevy Pickup - “Brutally Sexy!” 2019LegendsStop5
June 1, 2019 Philadelphia, PA Bob Colfer 1968 Toyota Land Cruiser - "Voodoo Blue" 2019LegendsStop6
June 15, 2019 New Jersey/New York Mike Calderone 1948 Chevy Pickup / 1960 Cadillac - "Kargoyle" 2019LegendsStop7
June 29, 2019 Detroit, MI Paul Jurewicz 1957 Studebaker - "Dream Roadster" 2019LegendsStop8
July 13, 2019 Chicago, IL Steve Zettle 1965 Pontiac GTO Gasser 2019LegendsStop9
July 20, 2019 Bentonville, AR Calvin Lutz 1969 International Harvester 2019LegendsStop10
July 27, 2019 St. Louis, MO Byron Burnham 1975 Chevy Vega 2019LegendsStop11
August 3, 2019 Dallas, TX Jeff Kurtz 2002 Honda S2000 2019LegendsStop12
August 24, 2019 Seattle, WA Chris Odom 1971 Volkswagen Bug LegendsTour2019Stop13
September 7, 2019 Phoenix, AZ Ronald How 1971 Volkswagen Squareback - "Two Cool" LegendsTour2019Stop14
September 14, 2019 Denver, CO Bill Henry 1954 Chevy Bel Air 2019LegendsStop15
September 18, 2019 Berlin, Germany Jo Klug 1967 Volkswagen 'Baja' Bug LegendsTour2019Germant
September 21, 2019 San Jose, CA Carlo Uribe 1995 Honda Civic CX LegendsTour2019Stop16
October 4, 2019 Mexico City, Mexico Antonio Muñiz 1956 Ford C.O.E LegendsTour2019Mex1
October 5, 2019 San Diego, CA Justin Cashmore 1960 Renault Dauphine LegendsTour2019Stop17
October 19, 2019 Los Angeles, CA Rick O'Donnell 1974 Opel Manta LegendsTour2019Stop18


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