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The following vehicles could only be found in Multi-Packs (3, 9, 10, and 20 Packs) in the year 2019 .

Some multi-pack exclusive vehicles use existing tampo designs but were released with different colors and wheels, these vehicles are mixed into the contents of the multi-pack.

In addition to these, four different castings were used in a special section of the multi-pack with a red outline, labeled as 'Exclusive Decoration', and are a brand new tampo scheme. These are each released in three different colors throughout the year.


Casting Name Color Tampo Wheels Photo
'52 Hudson Hornet Black Blue & Yellow Flames, '28' and 'Hudson Hornet' on side 5SP '52 Hudson Hornet 2019 24.jpg
'65 Pontiac GTO Silver Gray stripes on sides, hood & trunk ST8 2019 Multi-Pack Exclusive 02.JPG
'70 Dodge Challenger Hemi Blue Black stripes on sides and top, 'Dodge' on side Chrome Blue rim ST8 HW 70 DODGE CHALENGER HEMI Multipack exclusive BLUE.jpg
'71 Maverick Grabber Turquoise Black stripes on hood & sides OH5 Maverick Grabber Turquoise 19.jpg
'90 Acura NSX Burnt Orange Brown stripes on side Chrome Orange rim PR5 90 NSX Orange 19.jpg
'12 Ford Fiesta Brown Black, Yellow & Blue HW logos on sides & top, '14' on hood Chrome Blue Y5 12 Fiesta Brown 19.jpg
2011 IndyCar Oval Course Race Car White Black, Orange & Blue stripes Chrome Blue rim DD8 Indy Oval 2019 Multi White.JPG
2013 Viper SRT Black Gray & Red Stripes on Hood Chrome Red Y5 SrtviperMPE.jpg
'14 Corvette Stingray Convertible Burnt Orange Details Chrome Orange rim PR5 2019-MPE-corvettestingrayconvertible.jpg
Audacious Green Blue design and orange "auDacious" & "a" on hood, Orange HW logo on sides Chrome Blue TRAP5 and chrome blue RA6 Audacious 2019.jpg
Avant Garde Candy Blue Black & Yellow stripes on hood and sides Clear Yellow, Chrome Blue PR5 AvantGarde 2019 mp.jpg
Bedlam Gray Orange & Blue stripes on sides Orange & Chrome Blue PR5 HW BEDLAM Multipack exclusive GREY.jpg
Bone Shaker Metallic Purple Yellow, Orange, and Red flames on sides Magenta Pearl DD8 Bs2019.jpg
Camaro Z-28 Satin Black Red & Gray stripes on sides and top Chrome Red rim OH5 2019 z28 multipack-1.JPG
Carbonic Matte Black Red & Green stripes on sides and top White TRAP5 HW CARBONIC Multipack exclusive MATBLACK.jpg
Custom '41 Willys Coupe Red Yellow flames on sides & hood 5SP Custom'41WillysMPE.jpg
Dieselboy Dark Red Black & White honeycomb pattern on hood and back RA6 HW DIESELBOY Multipacks RED.jpg
Fast FeLion Candy Blue Yellow, Black & Gray stripes with '10' on sides and hood. "Volcano Circuit" on sides Yellow OH5 FastFeLion 2019 mp.jpg
Fish'd & Chip'd Dark Red Black scallops on sides Chrome Orange J5 HW FISHD & CHIPS Spectraflame RED.jpg
Ford GT LM Red Black Stripes, '1' and Sponsors Logos Chrome Copper OH5 Ford GT LM (19).JPG
Futurismo Red '89' on hood, Black & White stripes on top Red & Chrome RA6 HW FUTURISMO 89 RED.jpg
Gazella R Blue Orange, White & Grey stripes & 'Gazella R' on sides Orange & White RA6 DSC 0393.JPG
Grease Rod Red Black painted recesses on sides Chrome Copper rim OH5 GreaseRod-2019-mp.png
Iridium Orange Black & Blue Stripes & '77' on sides Clear Blue & Gray OH5 Iridium 2019 mp.jpg
Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 Yellow Details Gray TRAP5 2018-11-20 18.17.24.jpg
Midnight Otto Metalflake Brown Orange & Black flames on sides Brown & Black MC5 Midnight-otto-2019-brown.jpg
Monoposto Purple Black & Blue flames & HW logo on sides, headlight tampos Grey 10SP HW MONOPOSTO Flame magenta.jpg
Monteracer Brown Black & Blue designs on top Chrome Turquoise RA6 Monteracer 2019.jpg
MR11 Orange Black & White stripes and Soccer Ball White & Black TRAP5 2019MPE-MR11.jpg
Mustang Mach 1 Gray Blue & Gray stripes on side Chrome Blue rim ST8 70 Mustang M1 Grey 19.jpg
Ollie Rocket Light Blue w/ White fenders Grey & Black flames on sides Chrome Blue Rim TRAP5 HW OLLIE ROCKET Multipack exclusive BLUE.jpg
Pass'n Gasser Blue White, Red & Black graphics, "Hot Wheels" in Red, "B/GAS 12" in White on sides 5SP PassNGasser 2019 mp.jpg
Porsche 356A Outlaw Red Yellow stripes, Sponsors Logos and '50' Chrome Copper rim ST8 Porsche-356A-red-2019-multipack.jpg
Porsche 911 GT2 Red Black stripe on Top Chrome Gold rim J5 911gt2MPE.jpg
Porsche Cayman S Blue Gray stripes on side Gray 10SP Porsche-cayman-s-2019-blue-multipack.jpg
Project Speeder White Red stripes & Rust tampos on sides Chrome Red rim MC5 ProjectSpeeder-2019-mp.jpg
Prototype H-24 Turquoise Blue & Black Stripes, 'Prototype H-24' and Sponsors Logos Gray OH5 PrototypeH24 2019 mp.jpg
Quick n' Sik Red Black stripes on hood & trunk, HW logo on hood Silver & Black PR5 HW QUICK N SIK Multipack exclusive RED.jpg
Ratical Racer Gold Black & Purple flames on top Purple OH5 RaticalRacer 2019.jpg
Rocket Box Purple Yellow & Gray Graffiti all over Gray & Black PR5 RocketBox 2019 mp.jpg
Scoopa Di Fuego Satin Black Red & White Stripes with Black Stars Red & Black TRAP5 ScoopaDiFuego 2019 mp.jpg
Silhouette II Black "Shark Sensor 7", Grey & Red sea wave & shark on sides Grey rim TRAP5 HW SILHOUETTE Shark sensor.jpg
Split Window '63 Purple Black & Silver Scallops and Stripes, Badges and Details Chrome Purple rim PR5 2019-mpe split window.JPG
The Gov'ner Turquoise Gray, Black & White stripes and '5' Gray RA6 Gov'ner 2019.png
Time Tracker Gray Blue, Light Blue, Orange deco, stripes and '914' on sides Blue 10SP TimeTracker-2019-mp.jpg
Torque Twister Gold Black, White & Orange Stripes and Basketball Clear Blue & Gold PR5 2019GoldMPE-torquetwister.jpg
Triumph TR6 White Blue Stripes and '4' on side Chrome Copper Y5 19mpetriumph.jpg
Winning Formula Orange Blue & Black stripes on sides & across top, HW logo on sides, '5' on nose Blue, Black rim DD8 WinningFormula-2019-mp.jpg

9/10-Pack Exclusive Vehicles

Casting Name Color Tampo Wheels Photo
'07 Shelby GT-500 Blue Black & White Stripes, '5' and Goodyear Logo PR5 2007-shelby-GT-500-blue-2019-multipack.jpg
'07 Shelby GT-500 Green Black & White Stripes, '5' and Goodyear Logo 10SP 2007-shelby-GT-500-green-2019-multipack.jpg
'07 Shelby GT-500 Purple White & Yellow Stripes, '5' and Goodyear Logo PR5 2019 Mustang Purple Multi Pack.jpg
'09 Corvette ZR1 Metalflake Red Black & Gold stripes on sides & top, 'Corvette' on hood, 'ZR1' on sides Chrome Gold 10SP CorvetteZR1-Multipack.png
'09 Corvette ZR1 Burnt Orange Black & White stripes on sides & top, 'Corvette' on hood, 'ZR1' on sides LW 2009-corvette-zr1-2019-multipack-orange.jpg
'09 Corvette ZR1 Dark Silver White & Grey stripes on sides & top, 'Corvette' on hood, 'ZR1' on sides White rim PR5 HW CORVETTE ZR1 09 Multipacks exclusive GREY.jpg
'71 Dodge Demon Black Green & Grey stripes, 'Dodge' on sides 5SP 71 Demon Black 19.jpg
'71 Dodge Demon Yellow Red & Orange stripes, 'Dodge' on sides Red rim MC5 HW 71 DODGE DEMON Multipacks exclusive YELLOW.jpg
'71 Dodge Demon Turquoise Light Blue & White stripes, 'Dodge' on sides White rim J5 71 demon turq multi exclusive.JPG
Datsun 240Z White Brown, Red & Yellow stripes, '240z' on sides & hood, 'Dastun' on roof Chrome Red rim PR5 Dastun 240z White 19.jpg
Datsun 240Z Metallic Blue Dark Blue, Grey & White stripes, '240z' on sides & hood, 'Dastun' on roof 5SP Datsin240Z-2019-mp-blue.jpg
Datsun 240Z Orange Red, Orange & White stripes, '240z' on sides & hood, 'Dastun' on roof Chrome Orange rim MC5 HW DATSUN 240Z Multipack exclusive ORANGE.jpg
Multi-Pack Exclusives