On the 25th anniversary mattel launches eight replicas of some of its first vehicles in different colors. 25th Anniversary Series

These are marked on the base with 25 anniversary.

25th Anniversary Base

25th anniversary

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
5700 Red Baron Metalflake Bright Red Unpainted / metal Black Red Line china Red Baron-25th Bright Red
5707 Paddy Wagon Metallic Brown / Matt Black Unpainted / metal Blue tinted Black Red Line china Paddy Wagon-25th Brown
5708 Splittin' Image Metallic Brown Unpainted / metal Grooved and blue tinted Tan Red Line china Splittin' Image-25th Brown
5709 Twin Mill Metallic Pink Metal / Metallic Pink Clear white Red Line china Twin Mill-25th Pink
5714 Beatnik Bandit Metallic Lime Green Unpainted / metal Blue tinted white Red Line china Beatnik Bandit-25th Lime Green
5715 Silhouette Body colored metal Purple tinted Red Line china Image Not Available
5730 The Demon Metallic Turquoise Unpainted / metal Blue tinted / clear Black Red Line china The Demon-25th Turquoise
5743 Classic Nomad Metallic Violet Unpainted / metal Clear white Red Line china Hood opens Classic Nomad-25th Violet


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