Celebrate the Fabulous '57 Chevy

The Fifties may have been a time of innocence in America, but to Detroit's auto designers it was a time for fins and flash, two-tones and three tones, and miles of chrome on the road. The Classic Chevy reached its peak in 1957 with all the styling elements that have since become '50s trademarks. Today, the highly collectible '57 Chevy is a nostalgic reminder of that fabulous Fifties flair!

"See the U.S.A. in your Chevrolet!"

In the late '50s, new interstate highways enticed Americans to leave the suburbs for the open road. In response, car manufacturers tried to outdo each other in style and innovation - rolling some of the most flamboyant models in auto history off the assembly line. Sporty and affordable, the '57 Chevy with wraparound windshield and sleek tailfins emerged as the cream of the crop with charisma both coming and going!

"'57 Chevrolet! Sweet, smooth, and sassy!"

The all-American '57 Chevy was a finned and chromed vision on the showroom floor. But in the backyard, it was a hot rodder's dream. Its solid style allowed for much inexpensive tuning and customizing. For extra pizzazz, guys who knew they were cool transformed the mass-produced into the extraordinary with tuck 'n roll interior, pinstriping, and multicolor flames. The better to cruise to the local drive-in on date night!

"The Hot One's even hotter!"

The really big news in power was the introduction of the "Super Turbo-Fire 283" engine with "Ramjet" fuel injection. On the strip, the '57 was clocked at a 17.5-second quarter mile. It also made its mark in stock car events until the Automobile Manufacturers Association banned factory-sponsored racing that year. With more muscle under the hood, the snappy '57 Chevy was game for any stoplight challenge!


The following vehicles were included in the 40th Anniversary '57 Chevy 4-Car Set:

Casting Name Color Photo
'57 Chevy Black & Gold 1997-01a
'57 Chevy Red 1997-02
'57 Chevy Yellow 1997-03
'57 Chevy Metalflake Blue 1997-04
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