For the 50th Anniversary, Hot Wheels released several special series including the 50th Anniversary Originals Series (sometimes called 'Replica Redlines'). It features five cars in Spectraflame Paint which were packaged on a card representing the original cards from 1968 and also featured a metal Collectors Button. Each car was adorned with the 50th Anniversary logo on the side.

Although this series is representative of the 'Sweet 16' from 1968, none of the vehicles are the exact same castings.


The following vehicles were used in the 50th Anniversary Originals Series:

Col # Toy # Casting Name Color Wheel Type Notes Photo - Car Photo - Card Photo - Button
1/5 FTX84 1968 Cougar Spectraflame Yellow RL Opening Hood
Base code(s): L02,L05
1968 COUGAR FTX84 IMG E6062-1- FTX84 BTTN
2/5 FTX85 Volkswagen Beetle Spectraflame Purple RL Base code(s): L03 VLKSWGN BTL FTX85 IMG E6066-1- FTX85 BTTN
3/5 FTX86 '67 Camaro Spectraflame Aqua RL Opening Hood
Base code(s): L02
IMG E6035-1- IMG E6061-1- FTX86 BTTN
4/5 FTX87 Custom '67 Mustang Spectraflame Red RL Base code(s): L02 Cusrom-mustang-red-classic-RL IMG E6065-1- FTX87 BTTN
5/5 FTX88 '67 HEMI Barracuda Spectraflame Green RL Base code(s): L03 2018 68 Hemi Barracuda 50th IMG E6064-1- FTX88 BTTN

Representative Castings

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