2014 Versions

Col.# Casting Name Series Body Color Toy # Notes Photo 1 Loose Photo 2 Card
01 Batman Live Batmobile Batman Online Metalflake Black CCK68 Thailand Batmobile Live 2014 24.jpg Batmobile Live 2014 Blister 24.jpg
02 Batcopter Metalflake Black CCK69 Thailand Batcopter 2014 24-0.jpg Batcopter 2014 Blister 24.jpg
03 Batmobile (The Batman) The Batman series Black CCK70 Thailand Batmobile The Batman 2014 24.jpg Batmobile The Batman 2014 Blister 24.jpg
04 1966 TV Series Batmobile Batman TV Series Black CCK71 Thailand '66 Batmobile 2014 24.jpg '66 Batmobile 2014 Blister 24.jpg
05 Hardnoze Batmobile Batman (1989) Black CCK72 Thailand Batmobile 1989 Hardnoze 2014 24.jpg Batmobile 1989 Hardnoze 2014 Blister 24.jpg
06 The Bat The Dark Rises Metalflake Midnight Blue CCK73 Thailand The Bat 2014 24.jpg The Bat 2014 Blister 24.jpg
07 Batman: Arkham Asylum Batmobile Batman: Arkham Asylum Black CCK74 Thailand Batmobile Arkham Asylum 2014 24.jpg Batmobile Arkham Asylum 2014 Blister 24.jpg
08 Batmobile (The Brave and the Bold) Batman: The Bave & The Bold series Metalflake Black CCK75 Thailand Batmobile Brave Bold 2014 24.jpg Batmobile Brave Bold 2014 Blister 24.jpg

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