They would come out on a Saturday night - drawn out by the bright lights, the need for speed, and a love for the sport of sprint car racing. Local heroes from surrounding counties would gather at 1/4 mile dirt ovals to race the cars they had built and maintained themselves. Heat after heat they would race, sliding sideways through the corners, kicking dirt up into the bleachers filled with cheering fans, in an effort to qualify for the main event and a chance to win a brass trophy and enough petty cash to repairs and the trip back next Saturday night.

It was racing in its purest form and Hot Wheels Collectibles celebrates that joy with the Night At The Races car set, which includes a classic '48 Woodie and a '60s-style sprint car with trailer which will transport you back to the roots of racing.

The following vehicles were included in the A Night At The Races 3-Car Set (24739):

Casting Name Color Photo
'48 Ford Woodie Light Yellow Image Not Available
Trailer Light Yellow Image Not Available
Sprint Car White Image Not Available
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