The Action Command 5-Pack was released in 1994, featuring the following vehicles. Action Command 5 Pack

Casting Name Body Color Tampo Color Base Color + Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Tail Gunner 5T White Grey, Black, Blue, camouflage White Metal Black tint none CT White Malaysia Rear Gun Turret can spin 360 Tail Gunner Wht
Troop Convoy Tan Black Star and "US Army" on hood Tan metal N/A Tan White BW Malaysia Olive Plastic cover over rear TroopConvTanolv
Enforcer Olive Green Green, Yellow and Brown camouflage Olive / Metal Black Unseen White BW Malaysia Named Super Cannon for this release; only in 5-Pack Super Cannon OlvBWW
Shell Shocker Olive Green Tan star, "53571" Olive / Metal tiny rollers Malaysia Shell Shocker OlvL
Tank Gunner Olive Brown, Green and Tan Camouflage Olive / Plastic N/A Olive White BW Malaysia Gun Bucket olvcmowbw
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