Released in 2006, the Aerial Attack 5-Pack featured an airplane, a helicopter, and vehicles in the same pack.



The following castings were in the Aerial Attack 5-Pack (J3300):

Casting Name Body Color Tampo Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Dogfighter Green Red, black & white desings. White AA2006 none Silver 5SP China Dogfighter01.jpg
Blimp Red "AA" Aerial Attack Logo none none none China Redaablimp.jpg
Propper Chopper Yellow "Stinger" Black. Black, white bee. Blue tint Gray none China DSC00776.jpg
Jet Threat 3.0 Silver Red & black. Red tint Silver PR5 China Jetthreat30.jpg
Mad Propz Dark Blue & Dark Red Red & white flames. Red Tint Chrome Micro5SP China DSC00780.jpg
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