Some of them are called trailers or campers. Others are referred to as motor homes, but there is only one company that produces "mobile mansions" known as Airstream.

One of the greatest examples of 20th century industrial design, these glistening silver capsules of comfort and style have graced the roads for nearly 70 years. They are first-class coaches, manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum, for nomadic dreamers who hit the highways expecting the creature comforts of home whether parked in the mountains, deserts or seaside.

Our Airstream Dream Vehicle Set is for those nomads who relish in the thought of having the world at their doorstep, and those who live the Airstream creed, "Don't ever let your wheels stop rolling for more than 30 days at a time."


The following vehicles were included in the Airstream Dream 2-Vehicle Set:

Casting Name Color Photo
1959 Cadillac Eldorado Woodie Dark Blue Image Not Available
Airstream Trailer Silver Image Not Available
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