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Alton Takeyasu is an industrial designer who has worked with Mattel since 1991. Prior to working at Mattel, he was a designer at Kenner Toys; in addition to his role at Mattel, he also teaches at the Otis College of Art and Design since 2003. Takeyasu was responsible for all licensed entertainment-based properties and internally-developed intellectual properties produced by Mattel and was also involved in the design of various full-sized Hot Wheels car designs, and was inducted into the Model Car Hall of Fame in 2019. He currently designs Character Cars for mainly the Star Wars and Marvel lines, with Star Trek being an interest of his as a child, as well as various lines of action figures.

1/64 Scale

Year Casting Name Debut Series First Edition # Toy Number Photo
2003 Ford Anglia Harry Potter Spider Swarm Playset - B1326
2003HP-ANG (Large).JPG
2008 Carbonator 2008 New Models 36/40 L9951
08 carbonator.jpg
2010 Teegray 2010 New Models 7/50 R0943
P1060887b 1000.jpg
2011 Fast Cash 2011 New Models 7/50 T9677
Fast cash 2011.png
2012 Custom '71 El Camino 2012 New Models 49/50 V5337
Custom '71 El Camino-BLACK.jpg
2012 Eagle Massa 2012 New Models 46/50 V5334
2013 Loop Coupe HW City: Thrill Racers 109/250 X1649
Loop Coupe-2013 109 White.jpg
2014 Rev Rod HW City: Tooned 125/250 BDD01
2014-125-Rev Rod.JPG
2014 Rip Rod HW Off-Road: Hot Wheels Test Facility 120/250 BDD00
Rip Rod-2014 120.jpg
2015 Grease Rod HW City: Tooned 60/250 CFH26
2015 Anakin Skywalker Star Wars Character Cars - DHF84
2015 Captain Phasma Star Wars Character Cars - CLR71
SWHW Captain Phasma.jpg
2015 Chopper Star Wars Character Cars - CGW46
2015 First Order Stormtrooper Star Wars Character Cars - CLR72
DJX29 closeup.jpg
2015 The Inquisitor Star Wars Character Cars - CGW48
Unknown 2014 date stamp NO base code.jpg
2015 Stormtrooper Star Wars Character Cars - CGW43
2016 General Grievous Star Wars Character Cars - DJL59
SWHW - General Grievous.jpg
2017 Groot Go-Kart Marvel Character Cars - DXM05
Groot Go-Kart DXM05.png
2017 Rancor Star Wars Character Cars - DJM07
18360766 10154859720304177 927390675 n.jpg
2019 Minnie Mouse Disney Character Cars - FYV82
Minnie Mouse (FYV82) 01.jpg


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