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Alvin King-Hoi Chan is a Chinese-American former Hot Wheels designer who worked at Mattel from 2017 to 2018. He was originally an intern for the company before becoming a temporary employee; prior to working for Mattel, he worked as a designer for Fisker, Volkswagen, MINI and Piaggio. He left the company in 2018 and currently works for Enovate as a senior interior designer.

1/64 Scale

Year Casting Name Debut Series First Edition # Toy Number Photo
2018 Bot Wheels HW Robots 5/5 FJW01 BotWheelsSilver.JPG
2018 Fast Master HW 50th Race Team 7/10 FJV92 FastMasterBlue.JPG
2018 Hi Beam HW Glow Wheels 9/10 FJV67 HiBeam (2).JPG
2018 Kick Kart HW Ride-Ons 5/5 FJV83 KICK KART FJV83.jpg
2018 Poison Ivy DC Character Cars - FRF21 1C8CAC9D-FEC7-4B27-B7AA-2BFCE7421BB1.jpeg
2018 Track Ripper Muscle Mania 10/10 FJV42 TrackRipperBlue.JPG
2019 McLaren Senna HW Exotics 4/10 FYB46 McLarenSennaFront2.jpg
2019 Nightwing DC Character Cars - FYV43 2019 DC Character Cars Nightwing Black.jpg
2019 Shark Hammer 2.0 Hot Wheels id: Street Beasts 4/5 FXB11 Shark Hammer 2.0. Hot Wheels id. Front.jpg
2019 Simba Disney Character Cars Series 4 2/6 FYV98 Simba (FYV98) 01.jpg
2019 TIE Fighter Pilot Star Wars Character Cars - FLJ75 HW STAR WARS TIE PILOT.jpg
2019 Wheelie Chair HW Ride-Ons 5/10 FYB64 NM10Reece.JPG

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