In 2019 , Hot Wheels released a series of 10 trucks from Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge and Studebaker, spanning over 50 years of American truck design and manufacture. This is the first mix of the 2019 Walmart-exclusive Premium Series.


Col # Toy # Casting Name Color Tampos Wheel Type Notes Photo - Car Photo - Card
1/10 GBC18 '40 Ford Pickup Light Green Black, Silver & White lightning bolts on sides & top, checkerboars design on top, '40' on rear fenders Chrome Gold 5SP Base code(s): M02 HW 40 Ford Truck 1 49 Ford F1
2/10 GBC15 '49 Ford F1 Gold White scallops on sides & top Chrome rim ST8 Base code(s): M02 49 Ford F1 Gold 19 GBC15 Card
3/10 GBC11 '70 Dodge Power Wagon Red Black stripes on sides, White panneling on sides & hood White rim OR6SP Base code(s): M02 70 Power Wagon Red 19 GBC11 Card
4/10 GBC14 '15 Ford F-150 Black Silver & Red stripes on sides & hood Red rim OR6SP Base code(s): M02 15 F150 Black 19 GBC14 Card
5/10 GBC10 '83 Chevy Silverado Yellow Black & White stripes on sides & hood Chrome rim PR5 Base code(s): M02 83 Silverado Yellow 19 GBC10 Card
6/10 GBC17 Path Beater Grey Red, Blue & Yellow stripes & 'Surf Rescue' on sides & hood, Red stripes on top Chrome Gold OR5SP Base code(s): M02 Pathbeater S10 Grey 19 GBC17 Card
7/10 GBC13 Custom '62 Chevy Pickup Light Blue White & Blue stripes on sides & hood White rim ST8 Base code(s): M02 62 Chevy Pickup Blue 19 GBC13 Card
8/10 GBC16 Dodge Power Wagon Dark Blue Red & Silver stripes & 'Dodge' on sides, Silver stripes on top Chrome Red rim OR6SP Base code(s): M02 P Wagon Concept Blue 19 GBC16 Card
9/10 GBC19 Custom '69 Chevy Pickup Purple White stripes on sides & hood PR5 Base code(s): M02 62 Chevy Pickup Purple 19 GBC19 Card
10/10 GBC12 '63 Studebaker Champ White Black & Red stripes on sides & hood, sponsor logos & 'Studebaker' on sides Black 5SP Base code(s): M02 Studebaker Champ White 19 GBC12 Card
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