Not knowing where the road will take you... that's the beauty of American freewheelin' spirit!

Celebrate this freedom of the open road with four Hot Wheels all-American rides in red, white and blue - all ready for cruisin', truckin', roddin' and racin'. And whether your final destination is the boulevard, the back road, or the finish line, remember that getting there is all the fun!

Cruisin' for a Brusin'

Sporty and compact, the '58 Corvette was prime for the young American rite of passage - cruisin' Main Street USA!

Keep on Truckin'

Big and tough and all-American, the Bywayman Chevrolet pickup is ready for a thundering ride on or off the road!

Hot Roddin' Fever

With a supercharged engine and side pipes, the T-Bucket combines elegance with American hot rod spirit!

Drag Racin' Heat

American race fans go crazy over the flip-top Funny Car, blasting down the drag strip at nearly 300 mph!


The following vehicles were included in the American Spirit 4-Car Set:

Casting Name Color Photo
'58 Corvette Red, White & Blue 58 Corvette USA.JPG
Bywayman Red, White & Blue Bywayman StrsStrps.JPG
T-Bucket Red, White & Blue T Bucket USA.JPG
Funny Car Red, White & Blue Image Not Available.jpg
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