This series is a Walmart exclusive. The following castings are in the American Steel series:

Series # Casting Name Color Tampo Chassis Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo 1 Loose Photo 2 Card
1/10 '64 Galaxie 500 Metalflake Dark Red Red stripe, Gold '64' on roof + sides. Hot Wheels logo, 'Goodyear' & 'Ford' logos on sides.'410 H.P.' on hood Chrome
Tinted (Smoke) Black DD8 GJW65 Thailand Date code(s): M41, M48 GJW65 64 Galaxie 500 64 Galaxie 500 American Steel
2/10 '66 Ford 427 Fairlane Yellow Black Stripes Chrome
Tinted (Black) Black 5SP GJW66 Thailand Date code(s): M41, M48 GJW66 66 Ford 427 Fairlane 66 Ford 427 Fairlane
3/10 '70 Pontiac GTO Judge Green Yellow stripes, Black fill Black
Tinted (Smoke) Black OH5 GJW67 Thailand Date code(s): M48 GJW67 70 Pontiac GTO Judge 70 GTO Judge American Steel
4/10 '69 Shelby GT 500 Metalflake Blue White stripes Black
Tinted (Smoke) Black AeroDisc GJW68 Thailand Date code(s): M48 GJW68 69 Shelby GT 500 69 Shelby GT 500 American Steel
5/10 '61 Impala Metalflake Purple Lavender stripes, Black fill Chrome
Clear Grey PR5 GJW69 Thailand Date code(s): M48 GJW69 61 Impala '61 Impala American Steel Carded
6/10 '72 Ford Gran Torino Sport Metalflake Blue Gold stripes Blue
Tinted (Smoke) Chrome Gold 5SP GJW70 Thailand Date code(s): M48 GJW70 72 Ford Gran Torino Sport 72 Gran Torino Sport American Steel
7/10 '69 Mercury Cougar White Black Stripes Chrome
Tinted (Smoke) Black OH5 GJW71 Thailand Date code(s): M41, M48 GJW71 69 Mercury Cougar 69 Mercury Cougar American Steel
8/10 '67 Pontiac Firebird Matte Black Orange Stripes, Gold circle on door with 67 in negative space. Flat Black
Tinted (Yellow) Chrome Copper rim 5SP GJW72 Thailand Date code(s): M38, M48 GJW72 67 Pontiac Firebird GJW72 '67 Pontiac Firebird 2020
9/10 '70 Camaro Metalflake Green Light Green stripes w/ black fill Chrome
Tinted (Green) Light Green PR5 GJW73 Thailand Date code(s): M38, M47, M48 GJW73 70 Camaro 70 Camaro American Steel
10/10 '70 Buick GSX Dark Red Black Stripes Chrome
Tinted (Smoke) Black 5SP GJW76 Thailand Date code(s): M41, M48 GJW76 70 Buick GSX 70 Buick GSX American Steel Card
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