Customizing is the name of the game on cruise night when drivers of cool custom cars from the past come out to see and be seen. Hit the cruising strip with the Hot Wheels Cruise Night collection - a showcase of four of fine street cruisers. No matter what era these cruisers drove off the assembly line, or when the customization was done, they still turn heads on the boulevard. Enjoy the ride!

'65 Impala Lowrider

The 1965 Impala started out as a roomy and affordable family car, but a long wheelbase and body line soon made it one of the most popular lowriders. Even when lowered, its strong X-frame is perfect for the hydraulics that create hopping without losing the low, making it a barrio favorite to this day.

Tail Dragger

Based on a 1941 Mercury Coupe, the Tail Dragger is a Hot Wheels original custom. Named for a long, sloping back end that was lowered to drag on the ground and create attention-getting sparks, this is one of the hottest cruisers on the road. Add a pair of rear wheel spats, and that's stylin'.

1932 Deuce

Named for the "2" in 1932, the Deuce was so popular among cruisin' enthusiasts that it took on a whole new personality and became the first hot rod. A sporty convertible Deuce can be customized with any number of different engines and paint jobs, but its classic body is always recognizable.

1955 Chevy Nomad

This classic two-door station wagon was a concept car in 1953 and designed as part sports car, part wagon. The collapsible back seat and two-tone paint job make it perfect for customizing and cruising.


The following vehicles were included in the Ames Cruise Night 4-Car Set:

Casting Name Color Photo
'65 Impala Lowrider Metalflake Purple Image Not Available
Tail Dragger Pearl Orange Tail Dragger - 00 Ames Cruise Night Set
1932 Deuce Green Image Not Available
1955 Chevy Nomad Black Image Not Available
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