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Armored Truck
Debut Series Police Force Action Pack
Produced 1997 - Present
Designer Michael Kollins
Number 16149
Armored Truck - 06 Urban 5-Pack.jpg


This casting is an unlicensed representation of an armored truck. The casting has had a number of names throughout its history, including Armored Car and HW Armored Truck.

The casting featured an opening rear door; this door was cast shut in 2012. The casting was modified again in 2014 to use less plastic.


The Armored Truck has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
1997 Police Force Action Pack Grey Red & White Hot Wheels logo, White 'Armored Car Service', & 'Don't Get Held Up' on sides ZAMAC Tinted White 5SP 16149 China Armored Truck - 97 Action Pack.jpg
2000 Lexmark Promotional Gray Global It Information Security text, World pic & Lexmark logo on sides ZAMAC Black Black TRR 28364 Malaysia Armored Truck AS.jpg
185 2001 Mainline Flat Black Always Safe Armoured Transport on sides.On cab doors: Driver carries only Hotwheels cars. numbers: 8 5 18 1 12 4 1 on lower side sills ZAMAC Tinted (Yellow) Gray 5SP 53724 Malaysia Named Armored Car Armored Truck - 6991cf.jpg
112 2002 Fed Fleet
Black Gold & Silver tampos w/ 'Always Safe' on sides & hood ZAMAC Tinted (Red) White Gold 5SP 54408 Malaysia Armored truck black fed fleet series 2002.JPG
2003 Hot Haulers 5-Pack Black Green, Yellow, White & Gold tampos on sides & hood, '3', 'Rollin in the Dough Armored Transport' on sides Flat Gold
Tinted (Green) Green Gold 5SP 57066 China Armoredtruck.jpg
2004 Chrome Burnerz 5-Pack Chrome Red flames on sides ZAMAC Tinted (Red) Black Gold 5SP B3649 Thailand DSC00032.JPG
2004 Chrome Burnerz 5-Pack Yellow Red & Purple flames on sides ZAMAC Tinted (Red) Yellow Gold 5SP B3649 Thailand Armored Truck Yellow CB.jpg
2006 Urban 5-Pack Dark Green Camouflage on the side Black TInted (Orange) J3302 5SP J3302 China Armored Truck - 06 Urban 5-Pack.jpg
2007 Police Patrol 5-Pack Dark Blue Yellow, Black & Silver 'SWAT' tampos on sides ZAMAC Tinted (Yellow) White 5SP K6179 China C24 164 Hot Wheels Armored Truck 2007 Police Patrol 5 Pack (1).JPG
2008 Action Duos: Batman & The Joker Silver Grey, Blue, White, & Red tampos, Amusement Park graphic & 'The Joker' on sides ZAMAC Tinted (Green) Not Visible Black 5SP M7513 China Base code(s): Armored Truck - Batman Duo.jpg
110/190 2009 HW City Works
Gold Chrome Yellow, Red, Gold, & Black tampos, 'Chrome Burnerz Security Company' on sides & hood ZAMAC Clear Grey Red Rims, Black Spokes OH5 P2430 Malaysia Base code(s): 09 HW City Works Armored Truck full.JPG
110/190 2009 HW City Works
Chrome Yellow, Green, Silver, & Black tampos, 'Chrome Burnerz Security Company' on sides & hood ZAMAC Tinted (Yellow) Grey Gold Chrome rims, Black OH5 P2430 Malaysia Base code(s): HW Armored Truck (2).JPG
184/240 2010 Race World - City
Red Yellow, Black & White tampos, Stripes, 'Paramedic', 'Unit 8', & 'Rescue' on sides ZAMAC Clear Black 5SP R7613 Malaysia Base code(s): B38 Armoredtruck red.JPG
229/244 2011 HW Video Game Heroes
Blue Red, White & Silver tampos, HW logo & 'Armored Transport' on sides ZAMAC Tinted (Orange) Not Visible 5SP T9772 Malaysia Base code(s): C51 Armored truck 2011.png
2011 Batman 5-Pack Chrome Blue stripes, "Gotham City Savings & Loan" "Armored Transport" ZAMAC Tinted (Blue) Black Chrome rim, Black OH5 W4240 Thailand Base code(s): E11 2011-ArmoredTruck-Gotham-Chrome.jpg
2012 Light Speeders Golden Yellow No tampos ZAMAC Tinted Not visible 5SP W5451 Thailand Named Super Rig
Base code(s):
048/250 2013 HW City: HW City Works Yellow Blue, Black, Red & White tampos 'Armored Transport' ZAMAC Tinted Black Chrome Rim J5 X1700 Malaysia Base code(s): F13 Armored Truck-2013 048.jpg
2014 Police Pursuit 5-Pack Lime Green Blue, White, Orange, & Black stripes on sides, 'Armored Bank Service', 'Unit 14' & '$' on sides ZAMAC Tinted Black 5SP BFB24 Thailand Base code(s): $ 35.jpg
2016 Color Shifters Red / Maroon "ARMORED BANK SERVICE" on sides ZAMAC Blue tint None 5SP DKF92 Thailand Base code(s): J15 HW ARMORED TRUCK.jpg
182/250 2019 HW Rescue
Blue Black & Orange stripes w/ Silver "SWAT" on sides & hood, 'Police' on hood, 'HW Police Department' & circle flame logo on sides Matte Black
Tinted (Orange) Dark Orange Gray 5SP FYF99 Malaysia Named HW Armored Truck
Treasure Hunt
Base code(s): M05, M06, M07, M08
31/250 2020 HW Metro
Chrome Blue & Yellow stripes, 'Hot Wheels Reserve' & coin tampo on sides ZAMAC Tinted (Blue) Dark Blue Gray 5SP GHC43 Malaysia Base code(s): M35 HWArmoredTruck-2020-chrome.jpg
031/250 2020 HW Metro
Dark Red Tan stripes, 'Hot Wheels Reserve' & coin tampo on sides ZAMAC Tinted (Amber) Chrome Gold 5SP GHF61 Malaysia Base code(s): N11 HW Armored Truck Dark Red.jpg
2021 HW City 5-Pack Blue Gold, Orange, Cyan, and White graphics, Gold HW logo on sides, gold "HW CITY BANK" on sides Dark Gold
Black Black, orange outline DD8 GTN41 Indonesia Playable in Unleashed
Base code(s): P08, P32
Armored Truck (2021 City 5-pack).jpg

2009 HW City Works card

From the back of the 2009 HW City Works card:

Born: 1996
Birthplace: El Segundo, CA, USA
Designer: Hot Wheels
Specialty: Armor-plated with a V8 engine, this heavy-duty vehicle was made for fast, secure transport done with Hot Wheels style!


From the back of the 2010 Race World City Series Card
Engine: V8
Horsepower: 250 hp
Top speed: 95 mph
Acceleration (0-60): 18.2 seconds