Released in 2011, the Attack Pack 5-Pack was originally planned to be named "Battle Racers" However when finally released to retail the name was changed to Attack Pack.

5Pack 2011 AttackPack


The Following Castings were in the Attack Pack 5-Pack (#T8636):

Casting Name Body Color Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Enforcer Pearl Yellow Black / Metal Black N/A 5SP Thailand Enforcer AttackPack
Piledriver Pearl White plastic Satin Black / Metal N/A Chrome Light Green Chrome PR5 Thailand PileDriver AttackPack
Power Rocket Red plastic Unpainted / Metal N/A Chrome 5SP Thailand PowerRocket 11AttackPack
Sting Rod Metallic Blue Chrome / Plastic N/A Orange Orange Chrome OR6SP Thailand StingRod AttackPack
Invader Pearl Green plastic Unpainted / Metal N/A N/A Yellow 5SP Thailand Invader AttackPack
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