The Attack Pack 5-Pack (BFB32) was released in 2014



The following castings were in the Attack Pack 5-Pack (BFB32):

Casting Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Rogue Hog Red Black, Yellow & Light Green stripes, White '85' on sides Black / Metal Tinted (Green) Black Yellow PR5 Thailand Base code(s): G27 BFB32
Barbaric Metalflake Purple Orange & Yellow flames w/ Silver stripes & HW logo on sides White / Plastic Tinted (Orange) Grey Yellow rim PR5 Thailand Base code(s): G49 BarbaricAttack
Shell Shock Yellow Red chevrons and Black stars & stripes on top Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Red) Black Chrome Red 5SP Thailand Base code(s): G49 ShellShockAttack
Humvee Lime Green Green & Black stars, "0773" and Yellow, Black & White stripes on sides Black / Metal Tinted N/A Chrome Orange OR6SP Thailand Base code(s): G48 HumveeBFB32
Tread Air Blue Red, White & Black stripes and 'Tread Air' on sides Black / Plastic Red Red Black MC1 / Black Micro5SP Thailand Base code(s): G30  TreadAirAttack

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