Auto Milestones Description

Released in 2002 only, The Auto Milestones featured 16 classic

2002 Auto Milestones vw bug .jpg

automobiles that redefined history.

This is a sub series and not part of the main line-up. This series was exclusive to Wal-Mart.

They feature Real Rider tires and special tampo's saying " Automobile Milestones 2002".

On the back of the blisterpack it describes the Vision and conviction by imaginative minds to build these better automobiles.

It goes on to explain how each of these castings/automobiles changed the history of automobiles.


The Following Cars were in Auto Milestones:

# in Series Casting Name Body Color Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
1 '32 Ford Black w/ White top Black / Plastic Clear Red RLDDRR 55925 Malaysia 32 ford AMR.JPG
2 Ford GT-40 Black Chrome / Plastic Blue tint White CDDRR 55926 Thailand Ford gt40 AMR.JPG
3 '63 Corvette Red CDDRR w/ White Line 55927 Th 63corvette039.jpg
4 Dodge Viper RT/10 Metalflake Dark Blue CDDRR 55928 Viper RT10 - Auto Milestones.JPG
5 1936 Cord Metalflake Red CDDRR w/ White Line 55929 1936 Cord RedR.JPG
6 '37 Bugatti Red/Yellow CDDRR 55930 '37 Bugatti RedYelRR.JPG
7 Auburn 852 Metalflake Burgundy WWDDRR 55931 Auburn 852 BrgAMR.JPG
8 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C Metalflake Light Blue CDDRR w/ Goodyear 55932 Cobra - 02 Milestones.jpg
9 Purple Passion Metalflake Purple CDDRR w/ White Line 55933 Passion AGENTAIR 28.jpg
10 '59 Caddy Metalflake Red CDDRR w/ White Line 55934 59 Caddy RedRR.JPG
11 '57 T-Bird Light Blue CDDRR w/ White Line 55935 '57 T-Bird BlueRR.JPG
12 Ferrari 360 Modena Red Black / Metal Clear White PR5 55936 Malaysia Ferrari 360 AMR.JPG
13 Ferrari F40 Red Unpainted / Metal Clear Black PC5 55937 Thailand Ferrari F40 AMR.JPG
14 '65 Mustang Convertible Metalflake Light Blue CDDRR w/ White Line 55938 Milestones.jpg
15 Lamborghini Countach Yellow Black / Plastic Grey / tint Black PC6 55939 Thailand Lamborghini Countach AMR.JPG
16 Volkswagen Beetle Black CDDRR w/ Goodyear 55940 VW Bug AGENTAIR 17.jpg
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