Avengers: Age of Ultron was a line of 8 vehicles released exclusively at Wal-Mart in Spring 2015 to coincide with the release of Marvel's movie of the same name. All vehicles were existing Hot Wheels castings that featured graphics of each of Marvel's Avengers.

Series # Casting Name Featured Superhero Toy # Variations/Notes Photo
1/8 Ultra Rage Nick Fury CGB82 UltraRageAvengers
2/8 Power Rage Captain America CGB83 PowerRageCGB83
3/8 Growler Hawkeye CBG84 GrowlerHawkeye
4/8 Rockster The Hulk CGB85 RocksterCGB85
5/8 Muscle Tone Vision CGB86 MuscleToneCGB86
6/8 Sting Rod Iron Man CGB87 STING ROD - 2015 Avengers 1
7/8 Buzz Bomb Thor CGB88 BuzzBomb2015
8/8 16 Angels Black Widow CGB89 16AngelsCGB89
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