In 2018, Hot Wheels released a series of 8 vehicles in time for the Avengers: Infinity War film. Each car represents a character from the film and the card art displays comic-book styles throughout the years. 


The following vehicles were used in the 2018 Avengers Series:

Col # Toy # Casting Name Color Character Wheel Type Notes Photo - Car Photo - Card
1/7 FKD49 Bedlam Chrome Thor Chrome Red PR5 Base code(s): AvengersSeriesBedlam.jpg AvengersSeries2018Bedlam.JPG


Purple Passion Matte Blue Hawkeye Yellow 5SP Base code(s): Hawkeye Avengers Marvel 2018.jpg AvengersSeries2018PurplePassion.JPG
3/7 FKD55 Qombee Black Black Panther Chrome Gold PR5 Base code(s): AvengersSeriesQ.jpg AvengersSeries2018Qombee.JPG
4/7 FKD54 Night Shifter Gold Iron Man Chrome Red OH5 Base code(s): AvengersSeriesIron.jpg AvengersSeries2018NightShifter.JPG
5/7 FKD53 Pony Up Blue Captain America Chrome Red PR5 Base code(s): AvengersSeriesPony.jpg AvengersSeries2018PonyUp.JPG
6/7 FKD56 Jaded Light Purple Hulk Chrome Green 5SP Base code(s): AvengersSeriesJad.jpg AvengersSeries2018Jaded.JPG
7/7 FKD50 Rivited Red Black Widow Chrome Orange 5SP Base code(s): AvengersSeriesRiv.jpg AvengersSeries2018Rivited.JPG
N/A FKD52 Horseplay Dark Purple Thanos Chrome Gold 5SP Chase Model

Base code(s):

Horseplaythanos.jpg Horseplaythanoscard.jpg


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