Avengers is the second mix of the 2019 Walmart Themed Entertainment assortment.


The following vehicles were used in the Avengers Series:

Col # Toy # Casting Name Color Character Wheel Type Notes Photo - Car Photo - Card
1/6 FYY60 The Gov'ner Blue Iron Man Chrome Gold OH5 Base code(s): M03 TheGovner-Marvel-2019 TheGovner-Marvel-2019-card
2/6 FYY63 Solid Muscle Metalflake Steel Blue Ultron Chrome Gold PR5 Base code(s): M03 SolidMuscle-Marvel-2019 SolidMuscle-Marvel-2019-card
3/6 FYY64 Rogue Hog Pearl Red Captain America Chrome Blue OH5 Base code(s): M03 RogueHog-Marvel-2019 RogueHog-Marvel-2019-card
4/6 FYY61 Bully Goat Matte Black Red Skull Chrome Red OH5 Base code(s): M03 BullyGoat-Marvel-2019 BullyGoat-Marvel-2019-card
5/6 FYY65 Time Shifter Metalflake Gold Thor Chrome Red PR5 Base code(s): M03 TimeShifter-Marvel-2019 TimeShifter-Marvel-2019-card
6/6 FYY62 Scoopa Di Fuego Dark Green Loki Chrome Gold 5SP Base code(s): M03 ScoopaDiFuego-Marvel-2019 ScoopaDiFuego-Marvel-2019-card

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