The Black Wall or Basic Wheel (most often abbreviated as BW) is one of many Hot Wheels Wheel Types. This wheel has largely been replaced by the concave Five-Spoke wheel design, presumably due to the tendency of the convex hub to scrape against the side walls of track sets and wear off its chromium finish.

Image Letter Code Type Years Used Notes
BW's - 6144bf BW Basic Wheel/Black Wall 1977- Present

Used on all cars from 1978-1980 (except Wisconsin Toy Company promotions). They were then used once again for the 2011 The Hot Ones series with modifications. The original design was then reissued in the 2013 Flying Customs series.

WW's - 6147bf WWBW White Wall BW 1983-present Same hub as BW and RL Type 2. Used on vehicles such as the '35 Classic Caddy.
Image Not Available TBW Tan BW 1984 Used on the 1984 Troop Convoy/Troop Carrier.
BBW's - 6153bf BBW 'Black BW' Used on vehicles such as Combat Medic
WBW's - 6154bf WBW 'White BW' 1990- Used on vehicles such as Homer's Nuclear Waste Van
YBW - 6191bf YBW 'Yellow BW' 1990- Used on vehicles such as the 1990 California Customs '40's Woodie
Wheels.GYEBW.100x100 GYBW / GYEBW Basic Wheels w/ Goodyear lettering 1996 - 1997
GoldBlackWall GBW Gold BW 2011- Used in The Hot Ones 2011 on, such as the Ford GT-40 in 2012.
Image Not Available CRBW Chrome Red BW 2013 - Present Used on the 2003 Dumpin' A from the Flying Customs Series.
Image Not Available RLBW Red Line BW 2015 - Present Used on the 2014 Heritage (Redline) series. Falsely named Redline (RL).
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