The 2019 Backroad Rally Series began to appear in stores from mid-January 2019. This series includes a variety of marques from all around the world including Ford, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mini Cooper and Volkswagen. They are competing in the world famous and prestigious (fantasy!) Rally El Segundo!

All castings are made in Thailand with base codes L45. Licensed brands include Yokohama, PIAA, Bilstein, Sparco, Brembo, Goodyear and without forgetting the greatest of them all; Mattel Hot Wheels.

2019 Backroad Rally Series Vehicles

The following vehicles are included in this series:

Casting Name No. Toy # Color Tampo Base Material & Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Notes Photo Photo Card
Ford Escort 1/6 FYX96 Gloss


Yellow & blue tampo, "El Segundo" Rally livery, "Ford" blue oval on rear Q-panels, #9 Plastic Black Tinted (Blue) Black Blue 10SP Original version. window & Rally wing. Post/Tab design. 1-piece
Base code(s): L45, L47, L50
Escort Rally 1 (2019) 1 Escort Rally (2019) Card
2008 Lancer Evolution 2/6 FYX97 Metallic Yellow Black and silver tampo on hood, roof & side panels, #5 Plastic Black Tinted (Smoke) Black chrome-rimmed black PR5 Post/Post design
Base code(s): L45, L47, L50
2008 Lancer EVO. Front Persp 2 08 Lancer EVO
Volkswagen Scirocco GT 24 3/6 FYY00 Gloss Lime Green White, black & blue tampo, "Volkwagen logo" on side panels, #24 Plastic Black Clear Black White 10SP 1-piece interior and rally wing. Post/Tab design
Base code(s): L45, L47, L50
VW Scirocco. Front Persp 3 VW Scirocco GT24 (2019)
Mini Cooper S Challenge 4/6 FYY01 Gloss Aqua Blue White checkers, Red, White & Blue tampo, #2, "Rally El Segundo" on hood Plastic Black Tinted (Smoke) Black White 5SP Post/Tab design
Base code(s): L45, L47, L50
Mini Cooper Challenge. Birdseyevue 4 Mini Cooper S Challenge
'09 Ford Focus RS 5/6 FYY02 Burnt Orange Metallic Black/gold tampo on sides, Ford Oval, "RS", #4 Plastic Black Clear Black Yellow PR5 (front), White PR5 (rear) Post/Tab design
Base code(s): L45, L47, L50
'09 Ford Focus RS. Birdsevevue 5 09 Ford Focus RS (2019)
Subaru WRX STI 6/6 FYY03 Gloss Black Metallic blue tampo stripe, "Rally El Segundo" on hood, "Subaru logo" on side panels, #3 Plastic Black Clear Purple Gold 10SP Post/Tab design
Base code(s): L45, L47, L50
Subaru WRX STi. Front Birdseyevue1 6 Subaru WRX STi (2019)


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