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Bad to the Blade
Debut Series Team Hot Wheels High-Speed Wheel
Produced 2012 - Present
Designer Fraser Campbell
Number X0119


The Bad to the Blade was originally introduced in the 2011 Hot Wheels promotional documentary Fearless at the 500. A full-sized version was featured in the HWTF 'inverted test' segment.


The Bad to the Blade has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
- 2012 Team Hot Wheels High-Speed Wheel White Yellow, Black, & Red tampos on sides & across top, HW logo no sides & top Green / Metal Tinted (Black) Clear Black Green HSW3 X0119 Thailand 2012HSW-BadtotheBlade-White.jpg
124/250 2013 HW Racing: Track Aces Metalflake Black Orange & Light Blue tampos, '8' on sides & top, HW logo on top Turquoise / Metal Orange Orange Chrome Orange TRAP5 X1756 Malaysia Base code(s): F27
Treasure Hunt
Bad to the Blade-2013 124 TH.jpg
2015 Multipack Exclusive Metalflake Green White & Black tampos, '8' on sides & top, HW logo on top Red / Metal White White White TRAP5 X6999 Malaysia Base code(s): 20160423 235924.jpg
2017 Multipack Exclusive Metalflake Grey Black & Red stripes, '8', Large HW Logo on top Matte Black / Metal Red Red Red Chrome TRAP5 X6999 Malaysia Base Code(s): J42, K04, K24 BadtotheBladeX6999.jpg
2018 Multipack Exclusive Light Blue 'HW logo' and '8'. Red / Metal White White White RA6 Malaysia Bad-to-the-Blade-e.jpg
2018 Mystery Models (Series 2)
Mettalic Red Orange, and White stripes, “Spec 9”, and HW logo on wings and sides Orange / Metal White White Red Chrome & White OH5 FKX41 Malaysia Base Code(s): L14 FKX41 Bad to the Blade.jpeg
2019 Mystery Models (Series 1)
Metallic Blue White and red tampos, HW logo on right side, "HWDR 03" on left side, "HWDR on left, "03" on right, Blue/Metal Light Blue Light Blue Glow-in-the-Dark Chrome Light Blue 5SP GBD41 Malaysia Base code(s): L41 Image Not Available.jpg
2020 Multipack Exclusive Metallic Dark Orange Black 'Hot Wheels', 'X-1120', HW logo, and stripes on top. Black circle w/ Silver '8' on top and sides Metallic Blue/Metal Black Black RA6 X6999 Malaysia Base code(s): N23 2020orangebadtotheblade.jpg