Debut Series 2009 New Models
Produced 2009 - Present
Designer Jun Imai
Number N4031


The Barbaric has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
028/190 2009 2009 New Models
Metalflake Pink Black & White Black / Plastic Tinted Chrome Chrome-Rim, Black OH5 N4031 Malaysia Base code(s): B27, B30 Barbaric
2010 Racing Rigs - Rumble Road Metalflake Silver Red & dark red flames Black / Plastic Tinted (Red) Chrome Red PR5 R1072 Malaysia Base code(s): Barbaric silver
237/244 2011 HW Video Game Heroes
Satin Brick Red Black, Grey, Brown & White Grey / Plastic Tinted (Yellow) Chrome Gold Chrome-Rim, Black MC5 T9780 Malaysia Base code(s): D23 BARBARIC VIDEO GAME '11
2012 Demolition Derby 5-Pack Yellow Black & White target and lightning bolts and blue "00" on sides Blue / Plastic Tinted (Blue) Chrome Yellow-rim PR5 W4255 Thailand Base code(s): Barbaric-DD
2014 Attack Pack 5-Pack Metalflake Purple Orange and yellow flames with silver hazard stripes, silver Hot Wheels logo with a silver line White / Plastic Tinted (Orange) Gray PR5 BFB32 Thailand Base code(s): G49 Barbaric 2014 24
2015 Color Splash Science Lab 5-Pack White Orange stripes, Black flames and "Experimental" on sides Gray / Metal Tinted (Blue) Black Translucent Blue PR5 Thailand Base code(s): Barbaric 2015 24
2015 Color Shifters
Yellow (Warm) / Moderate (Orange) / Cold (Brown) Yellow Graphics, Metal Plates, HW logo on side Green / Metal Clear Grey Chrome Outline OH5 CFM45 Thailand Base code(s): ColorShiftersBarbaricWarm

2018 Star Wars
Orange Black Stripes and Yoda on side Black / Plastic Tinted (Black) Chrome Chrome Green OH5 FKD60 Thailand Base code(s): L07 Barbaric-Yoda


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