Batman 2 Packs were released in 2007

Pack Name Toy # Casting Name Notes Photo 1 Loose Photo 2 Card
The Riddler's Rampage L1764 Hyper Mite Image Not Available TheRiddlersRampage
Batmobile (Animated) Image Not Available
Temblor Getaway L1765 HMMV Hummer Batman Temblor TemblorGetaway
RD-09 Image Not Available
Mr. Freeze Escapes L1766 Cool-One Cool-One - MrFreeze MrFreezeEscapes
Batmobile (Animated) Ani Bat - Mr Freeze Escapes
The Joker's Last Laugh L1767 Cyclops Cyclops - Joker TheJokersLastLaugh
Batmobile (Animated) Image Not Available
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