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Released in 2011, the Batman 5-Pack has 5 vehicles based on the movie 'The Dark Knight' from Batman (DC Comics). Below are the 5 vehicles that came in this 5-Pack.



The following castings were in the Batman 5-Pack:

Casting Name Body Color Tampo Color Base Color + Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Batcopter Black - Yellow/ Metal Yellow Tint Grey - Thailand 2011-Batcopter

Bone Shaker Special "The Joker" Edition

Metallic Purple White/ Green Tampo "The Joker" Chrome/ Metal - Chrome Green Chrome 5SP Thailand retooled version of Bone Shaker to have Joker's face as the front of the car instead of the skull. 2011-BoneShaker-JokerEdition
Batmobile (Tumbler) Flat Black - Black/ Metal - - OR6SP in back, OH5 in Front Thailand Listed as "The Dark Knight Batmobile" 2011-Tumbler
Ford Fusion Satin Blue White Tampo "GPD POLICE" "L8344" Blue TInt Grey Black PR5 Thailand Listed as "Ford Fusion Patrol Car" 2011-FordFusionPatrolCar-Blue
Armored Truck Chrome Blue Tampo: "Gotham City Savings and Loan" "Armored Transport" Bare/ Metal Blue Tint - Chrome Rim OH5 Thailand 2011-ArmoredTruck-Gotham-Chrome
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