The Batman 5-Pack (FYL09) was released in 2019 and contains the following vehicles:

DSC 0056


The following vehicles were in the Batman 5-Pack (FYL09):

Casting Name Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Bassline Satin Light Green 'Killer Croc' on side Black Plastic Black RA6 DSC 0057
Batmobile (Action Figure) Dark Blue Light Blue Scallops Tinted (Blue) Black (Chrome Blue Rim) PR5 DSC 0058
Batcopter Black Tinted (Red) DSC 0059
Ford Fusion Black White Sides, 'PD' and 'GOTHAM CITY', '911' on sides gray / plastic Tinted (Blue) Gray MC5 Indonesia Base Code(s): L44 DSC 0060
Cockney Cab II Purple & Green 'HAHAHAHA' and 'Joker' on side unpainted / zamac Chrome None Chrome Purple 5SP Indonesia Base Code: L44 DSC 0061
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