Col # Toy # Casting Name Body Color Wheel Type Notes Photo 1 Loose Photo 2 Card
1/6 FKF37 Batmobile (1989) Dark grey
Grey PR5
Base code(s): L07 BATMOBILE FKF37 Batmobile 1of6.Batman-2018 Set
2/6 FKF38 Batmobile (Action Figure) Black Blue-rimmed OH5 Base code(s): L07 BATMOBILE FKF38 Batmobile 2of6.Batman 2018 Set
3/6 FKF39 Batmobile (The Brave And The Bold) Black Red-rimmed CRPR5 Base code(s): L07  BATMOBILE FKF39 Batmobile.Brave&Bold.3of6.Batman2018Set
4/6 FKF40 The Dark Knight Batmobile (Tumbler) Tan with olive camouflage tampos Black CGBOR6SP (rear)
Black MC5 (front)
Base code(s): L07 MATMAN TUMBLER FKF40 Batmobile.Tumbler.BatmanRises.4of6.2018Set
5/6 FKF41 Arkham Asylum Batmobile Black Gray 5SP Base code(s): L07 ARKAM ASYLUM BATMOBILE FKF41 Batmobile.ArkhamAsylum.5of6.BAtman2018 Set
6/6 FKF42 Lamborghini Murciélago Grey Black PR5 Base code(s): L07 LAMBORGINI MURCIELAGO FKF42 Batman.LamborghiniMurcielago.6of6.Batman2018Set

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