Batman v Superman Series


In line with the 2016-movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (released March 2016), Hot Wheels releases a special 8-car series. The cards have graphics that feature the protagonists of the movie (Batman and Superman) and the deuteragonist of the movie (Wonder Woman). One of the cars is a 'special' Twin Mill, that model depicts both Batman and Superman (and Hot Wheels even made a real life version of this car, see Gallery). Besides the 8 models there's also a 2-Pack released which includes Character Cars of Armored Batman and the Man of Steel and The 5-pack released which include the Batmobile from the Movie.


The Batman v Superman Series features 8 different models that were launched in Nov 2015.

Col # Toy # Casting Name Body Color Wheel Type Notes Photo 1 Loose Photo 2 Card
1 / 7 DJL48 Twin Mill Metalflake Dark Grey Chrome Black & Black OH5SP Base code(s): H44, H49 Twin Mill - 16 Batman v Superman 600pxOTD Twin Mill package front
2 / 7 DJL55 Rockster Matte Black Chrome Gold OR5SP Base code(s):  Image Not Available Rockster package front
3 / 7 DJL52 Mad Manga Metalflake Dark Grey Chrome Gold 5SP Base code(s): J05  Image Not Available Mad Manga package front
4 / 7 DJL53 Covelight Dark Blue Chrome Red & Black OH5SP Base code(s):  Image Not Available Covelight package front
5 / 7 DJL54 Muscle Tone Dark Red Gold MC5 Base code(s):  Image Not Available Muscle Tone package front
6 / 7 DJL50 Power Pistons Metalflake Gold PR5 Base code(s): Image Not Available Power Pistons package front
7 / 7 DJL51 Tantrum Metalflake Dark Orange Gold OH5SP Base code(s): HW Tantrum Copper 2016 WW 01 DSCF8084 Tantrum package front
- DJL49 Overbored 454 Metalflake Dark Blue 5SP Base code(s): H44

Chase model

Image Not Available Overbored 454 package front

Batman v Superman 2-Pack

The 2-Packs were released in 2015

Toy # Casting Name Body Color Wheel Type Notes Photo 1 Loose Photo 2 Card
DJP09 Armored Batman Pearl Grey & Metalflake Black Grey BLOR Base code(s):  DJM19 c 16 001 Batman v Superman 2-Pack package front
DJP09 Man of Steel Metalflake Dark Blue & Red Metalflake Blue DISH2 Base code(s):  Man of Steel-2016 DC Batman v Superman 2-Pack package front


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