Battle Spec
Debut Series AcceleRacers Teku
Produced 2005 - Present
Designer Eric Tscherne
Number G8088
Battle Spec-2005 AcceleRacers


AcceleRacers' Battle Spec has a carbon fiber monocoque. The car is powered by a 420HP of torque aluminum 2.2L four cylinder with a DOHC performance camshafted turbocharged engine with 440ft/lb of torque in the center front of the car, hooked up to a 7 speed transmission. The right side of the car are intakes for the four cylinder motor, the JT-10 turbo on the exhaust, and intercooler pipes. The intercooler is mounted on the bottom of the chassis, taking air from the front intake to the hood outlet which creates a vaccum that forces air faster through it and is forced even faster by the top intake. In the movie AcceleRacers, Kurt Wylde built this car after his Slingshot was destroyed. It was built on the Power Rage's chassis. The monocoque is a sleek shape and streamlined. There is a front brake outlet for the 8 piston carbon ceramic brakes, and it also has a rear angled spoiler. Like all Teku cars the Battle Spec has HID (high-intensity discharge) headlamps.

In 2015, the tooling for the Battle Spec was updated; the spoiler has been raised higher and is now part of the interior piece.


Battle Spec has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
N/A 2005 AcceleRacers Metallic Blue White, Orange & Black 'Teku' Unpainted / Metal Orange tinted Chrome Grey CM6 G8088 Malaysia Battle Spec-2005 AcceleRacers
N/A 2006 AcceleRacers Translucent Green White, Orange & Black Unpainted / Metal Orange Chrome Grey CM6 J7241 Malaysia Playable in Hot Wheels: Beat That! Batlespec
171 2007 Mystery Cars
Chrome Red & Blue Tampos Unpainted / Metal Red Black Chrome OH5 K7638 Malaysia Battle Spec - 07 Mystery
108 2008 Track Stars
Orange Blue & Black tampos on sides & across top Unpainted / Metal Blue Black Chrome OH5 M7010 Malaysia Battle Spec
08 2008 Track Stars
Orange Blue & Black tampos on sides and across top, Unpainted / Metal Blue Black Chrome PR5 M7010 Malaysia Came with a Orange stopwatch. Battle spec pr5
7/25 2009 Connect Cars: Track Legends #7 Blue Black, Orange & Sky Blue "Cryptix" Tampos #7 Unpainted / Metal Orange Orange Black Rim, Red Lip OH5 P2099 Malaysia Connectbattlespec
5pk 2010 Trick Tracks Red Blue & Lt. Blue Circuit Board tampos on sides & across top, Blue & White HW logo on sides Unpainted / Metal Blue Black OH5 R0963 Thailand 2010BattlespecTrickTracks5pack
2010 Color Shifters Hot Rod To Cop Rod Blue / ??? Yellow and Black tampos, police Unpainted / Metal Yellow tint Red OH5 R1128 Thailand Image Not Available
5pk 2011 Sky Jump Gray Black, White & Red tampos, "Battle Spec", "55", 5 stars Unpainted / Metal Yellow tint Red Red OH5 T8637 Thailand Battlespec
2011 Color Shifters Water Revealers Blue / Dark Blue Yellow and Black tampos, police Unpainted / Metal Yellow tint Red Silver OH5 V0594 Thailand Rerelease of 2010 Color Shifters Image Not Available
N/A 2012 Light Speeders Lavender Black w/ White Light Speeders logo Unpainted / Metal Tinted Chrome OH5 W3851 Thailand Date Code(s): Battle Spec 2012 24
157 2015 HW Race Super Chromes
Silver chromes Purple with Number 44 in top front. Metal Dark Purple Dark Purple OH5 Purple with Yellow Line CFK98 Malaysia Updated tooling
Date Code(s): G48
2015 Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6 ? Malaysia Date Code(s):
2016 HW Retro Style Chrome Unpainted / Metal DNF20 Malaysia Date Code(s): Retro Style Series Battle Spec
2016 Ghostbusters Yellow ? Thailand Date Code(s):

Uses original tooling


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