Beat All
Debut Series Street Beasts
Produced 2018 - Present
Designer Kevin Cao
Number FJV60
BeatAll (1).JPG


The Beat All is a rhino beetle-shaped off road like vehicle and its name is a pun on what it is based off of - a beetle.


The Beat All has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
137/365 2018 Street Beasts
Clear Blue Yellow, Orange & Pink stripes on sides & top, HW logo on sides Orange
Chrome Gold Bronze BLOR FJV60 Malaysia New Model
Base code(s): K48, K49
BeatAll (1).JPG
221/365 2018 Street Beasts
Clear Pink Yellow, Purple & Green stripes on top, Orange stripe & HW logo on sides Unpainted
Turquoise Brown, Gold BLOR FJY89 Malaysia New Model
Base code(s): L09, L12
2018 Beat All street beast pink.jpg
219/250 2019 Street Beasts
Clear Dark Blue Green & Olive stripes on sides & top Teal
Chrome Gold Pea Green, Gold BLOR FYD42 Malaysia Base code(s): M16, M21 BeatAll-StreetBeasts-2019.jpg
086/250 2020 X-Raycers
Clear Orange Yellow & Blue stripes on top, Yellow X-Raycers logo on sides Teal
Chrome Clear Yellow, Chrome Light Blue BLOR GHD52 Malaysia Base code(s): M40 086 - Beat All.jpg
086/250 2020 X-Raycers 3/10 Clear Red Yellow & Green stripes on top, Green X-Raycers logo on sides Yellow
Chrome Clear Green, Yellow BLOR GLN64 Malaysia Base code(s): N08 348A04F8-AE62-425F-9C3E-5207556B1E7D.jpeg

2018 card

From the back of the 2018 card:

Born: 2018, El Segundo
Designer: Hot Wheels®
The terrain is tough and the competition brutal, but the Beat All was built for the challenge. Infesting the rally with speed, power, and endurance, nothing can repel the Beat All from leaving dust in the faces of the competition and winning “Pest in Class”!


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